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  1. Eligible for that new class at Pebble Beach?
  2. Packard stretch jitney. Does not look like a California top, but it probably doesn't come down (no saddle visible, plus imagine what it would look like folded down).
  3. Not pre-WW2 but still kind of vintage, looks like a 1954 plate. With all the Duesenberg enthusiasts looking to reduce stress, I thought this would be a worthwhile contribution. Where is it today?
  4. Don't know what make this is, but the location resembles the popular spot in Central Park where so many posed photos of cars were taken.
  5. What are the cylindrical devices hanging off the rear springs? I have seen these in period photos of several cars. Were they dampers?
  6. How to move a cow or horse (but not relieve some of the stress).
  7. Can't ID the vehicle, but my guess is that the gent would be willing to sell you something.
  8. Happy birthday Walt, if you still celebrated this is how guests would look on their way to the gala event.
  9. No idea what make this is, but I've never seen headlights mounted like this on any other car.
  10. Not sure where this was but I believe it was in late 1929 with the 7th series Packards on display.
  11. From the 1908 Glidden tour there are several great photos of "The Chairman" - a paper prop displaying Moxie - appearing in vehicles. Must have been an inside joke at the time, now long lost in the mists of history.
  12. First tasted it decades ago, still drinking it. Bill is a good friend who does his best to get folks to at least try it. Yes, an acquired taste for sure!
  13. There are some die hard Moxie drinkers contributing to this thread. Here are some enthusiasts years ago, great advertising.
  14. No one seems to know or want to say what happened to it. I have been asking and looking for many years, and have no answers. It is tempting to conclude a car like that survived WW2. The body is supposedly by Cole & Woop. There are several photos of the car floating around, including this one.
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