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  1. No photoshop, just what I think is a four cylinder Olds parked on a deck above and behind a six cylinder Olds.
  2. I sent that photo to a friend who has a Nash roadster, and he thinks it's a Templar. I can't tell what it is, just that it's loaded with accessories.
  3. One of those "name all the accessories" challenges, to relieve some of the stress.
  4. Walt, I have it on good authority the Bugatti is a type 49 with Gangloff body. Thanks for posting it.
  5. Joe McNutt (Akron, Ohio) had this 1918 Packard twin six 7 passenger touring for sale in the 1960's. Does anyone know who bought it, or where it went?
  6. Another serious looking entry for Ed's class at PB.
  7. Another entry to Ed's PB class, with an enthusiastic driver.
  8. Great photo, I love the details! Here are some more: it looks like a model T wrench next to his knee, and the others look like model A.
  9. Hope this one relieves stress and the heat wave, an Olds but what year and model?
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