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  1. You guys are something else. I love this forum. I can now change modes from modified stationary panic to "We'll get 'er fixed on Monday." Thank you. Mike - '88 Black & Tan
  2. '88 coupe - Fan will not physically turn off. Shows as 'OFF' on the climate control panel, but continues to run regardless if the car is running or turned off. Have pulled the fuse inside the passenger compartment and the relays under the hood (including the A/C relay) inside the fender mounted box. No results the fan continues to run until the negative terminal of the battery is disconnected. The A/C relay had a discolored prong. All other relay prongs were bright and shiny - including all the fan relay prongs. Without sounding too desperate - HELP! Thank you. Mike
  3. Thanks to all for your help and suggestions. Going to go get cold now (no a/c needed).
  4. Need to change over the A/C unit on our '88 to the new coolant. Any gremlins out there I should know about? Your information and suggestions are appreciated. Thank you.
  5. Thank you all for your assistance. I think I had 'Buick Fever' when I started this thread. Had a Somerset at one time - therefore the misleading info about the chrome ends. Might have to claim brain freeze on this one. Yup Jim - they are black on black. All your help has led to a couple of possibilities. Thanks again.
  6. Thank you for the information. Will track down NC Reatta & see what I can find. Thanks again.
  7. Looking for the rectangular snap-in caps for the end brackets on the interior door STRAP. I have the end brackets (genuine chrome looking plastic) and only need the caps that cover the hold down screws - but will consider buying the brackets and caps if necessary. Any sources out there??? Went back and looked at the 2006 thread on this subject & found that Jim Finn was the source at that time. Still available?? Thank you. Mike
  8. Thanks to all that helped. Looks like I've got the perfect solution - give it to Barney!!
  9. Barney - Mc_Reatta suggested I check with you for a replacement. Is that your cup of tea? Thank you.
  10. Thanks Mc_Reatta. I'll try and keep this straight. Car in the left hand. Antenna in the right hand. Will check with Barney.
  11. Thanks for the information. Are you familiar with accessibility? Can the contacts be accessed with the antenna in place - or do I have to remove the engine, tranny, etc. etc. Thanks again.
  12. Have an 88 coupe. Following a complete battery discharge and the following recharge, the power antenna will not turn off. Turning the radio on or off makes no difference. unplugging the antenna is the only temporary fix (doesn't work at all, of course). No other electrical issues with the car. Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Thanks for all your replies. I hadn't heard the term 'Headlight Sensor' so just wanted to make sure it wasn't a Reatta thing that might sense the guy behind with bright lights on and somehow shut off his ignition. Mike - 88 Black and Tan
  14. Looking for a good dash cover & ran into the terminology 'Headlight Sensor'. Don't even know if I've got one & if I do where it is located on the dash. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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