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  1. How hard do you drive it? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cb3f4tNUhs
  2. As long as my parents are alive I won't be an orphan. Oldsmobile's parents almost died a couple years ago.
  3. Winter is coming. The Citicar, though born in the warmth of Florida was born for our midwest winter hell.
  4. There aren't many Mack Truck threads in this forum. I hope this fits here. I was privileged to ride in a 1951 Mack Model A last week end. Here is video of that adventure.
  5. As a guest producer, Joe Bortz took the RidesWithChuck audience into The Finishing Touch and spoke with Mark Sillich about chrome plating. This may be of interest for those of you who like shiny things.
  6. Don't blame Dennis Gage. He's just trying to hold on to his audience. I know first hand how few people are actually interested in the old iron. I have a YouTube channel, "rideswithchuck". I have video of some of the rarest and most beautiful old cars. If they get 400 views in a year they're doing good. A custom hot rod will get 5000 views in a blink of the eye. Though the classics don't get many views they give my channel some serious class. But don't sell the hot rodders short. Many of them attend Classic Car shows and appreciate these cars. It's not easy justifying the expense of a Packard or other antique automobile.
  7. Thanks, You are very knowledgeable and well informed. Sometimes it's good to take another look at basics. I seem to remember that a fellow once took another look at how the speed of sound was calculated and found errors.
  8. I guess maybe I'm looking for a new or clever way to say the same thing.
  9. Thanks, I wish I knew exactly what I was after. I guess if I did, I wouldn't be doing this. Thanks again.
  10. Are you saying that there is real gold and real silver on the back of that MarkII?
  11. I may have to settle for gold and silver. Can you give an example of both. Thanks
  12. I'm sorry. I didn't make myself clear. I'm asking about the bright work.