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  1. Does anyone have a wireing scmatic for my 1936, there is numerous wires disconnected that I am not sure where they go. Also the linkage is all off of the carb, does anyone have some go pictures of the engine on both sides, I have a vac pot that gets it signal from the left hand exhaust manifold that i am not sure what it does. As well on the left side where the oil press line goes in it looks like the rod has some springs that should go on -where do the go and what for. Thanks once again for the help I have made some head way, I have flushed the fuel tank and replaced the fuel line, hook up
  2. I am looking for exhuast manifold for a 1960 364 nailhead lasabre
  3. I am looking for a set of exhuast manifolds or headers that would fit a 1960 lesabre 364 nailhead. thanks
  4. can someone tell me if this engine 206 has a fuel pump push rod or is run off something on the cam? Any info would help
  5. So i have started trying to get this old girl running, Does anyone have a engine manual? I have found the side plate off the engine on the right side (just not bolted) the coil was off. I am trying to figure out where the wire at the bottom of the coil goes too -I think it goes to the distributer as there is a terminal that is empty on it. The fuel pump is off, I have found a new one, when you install is it like other chevs is there a rod you need to push up? I am sure I will have alot more question, thanks for all the support so far it really helps. Hal
  6. Does anyone have any idea, on what this car is worth the way it sits. thanks
  7. you guys have not lost me I only check my computer every once in a while, great news as far as these engines sound like they will run for a long time. I am looking for a fuel pump right now. I think I have found most of the brake parts so this winter I will attemt to get it running, it still has antifreeze in the rad so the cooling system may not be too bad. Thanks for any suggestions, for right now I will head in the stock direction. Is this a low number production car or just due to it age there is not many left? thanks again hal
  8. thanks for all the feedback, i am not sure what to do with this old girl . A few people tell me these motors are not very reliable, i would like some thing i can drive with no worries, possible upgrade the drive train, still on the fence.
  9. I found this car in a shed, it has been parked since oct 5th 1970, now it is home with me. 42000 original miles and I am now the third owner. It is not bad shape.
  10. just a few short 1948 lincoln zepher conv 1958 delray 1962 GMC 4x4 suburban 1968 Mustang 428cj original drag package serial number 50 of 50 1969 Chevelle conv 2001 2500 hd 8.1 l 4x4 2004 chev suburban looking for a 1959 corvette with no drive train 1
  11. Thanks for your guys support and information, it is priced at 3000 and it will cost me another 2000 to pick it up but it sounds like it is worth it. It is very hard to find pictures of one of these but I am sure restored it will be a sweet ride.
  12. I am new to this site, i am looking at a restoration project. It is a 1948 lincoln Zepher conv in rough shape but all there. Is this a desirable project? What is it worth in tough shape? Everything is there just all in need of work. Was the v-12 a solid engine?
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