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  1. Im unable to find any information in the owners manual or shop manual on how and where the spare tire jack is located in the trunk. I do not see any hold-down clips or brackets. I presume it its suppose to be stored behind the spare tire..... just it just sit there with no tie down ? photos of location and method of tie down would be greatly appreciated ctc72961
  2. Ben I live in South Jersey about 25 minutes across the river from Philly I wasn't able to find the photos of the AC on your '50 Buick ...I take another look later
  3. Ben thank you for relpying. May I ask whos system did you use.... such as, Vintage Air, etc. also any photos would be helpful, best regards, C
  4. I have a 1950 Buick (frame up restoration) 6 volt (and it works great) and i was thinking of installing aftermarket AC...any suggestions or recommendations where I might look thank you
  5. 1952 Chrysler Windsor Deluxe $8,500.00 Hard Top 67,0000 Original miles 6cylinder Flat Head Solid Original Car with no Rust Equipped with a 3 speed manual transmission with overdrive (shift between gears without clutch) Highlander This car is a barn find from Lancaster county Pa. Recent work; Brakes, all new wheel cylinders, shoes, hoses and rebuilt master cylinder Front wheel seal Front suspension. new kings pins and front and rear shocks Carburetor rebuilt including new filter Fuel Pump rebuilt Rear inner an outer wheel seal replaced Transmission completely overhauled including overdrive unit and wiring New clutch and pressure plate and throw-out bearing and clutch fork boot Clutch transfer link rebuilt....and much more Call 609-462-7412 to make an appointment more photos on request
  6. 1969 Buick LaSabre engine and trans, 350cid with 74,000 miles, 4 barrel and 400 turbo trans... Runs great... this is for engine and trans only $1250.00 please call for more info Located in South Jersey region 609-462-7412 $1,250
  7. Im working on a 1931 Buick 60 Series and need to replace/repair the Torque tube ball seal that is leaking very badly.... no seal kit is available from vendors ….can anyone offer any solutions or remedies or perhaps was able to retrofit later kits to work.....thank you for your help !!
  8. We are working on a 1927 Dodge Fast Four in our shop and are in need of some parts Intake manifold vacuum tank horn can anyone help ? thank you
  9. Has anyone has any experience removing the ignition lock cylinder from the steering column from a 1969-197 Buick Electra.... Is it necessary to pull the Steering wheel? thank you ctc72961 BCA 17588
  10. This is the same hose that I have on the car now however it needs to be replaced. I see a lot of replacements hoses on the market that are listed for a '53 Cadillac but do not have the restrictor. My questions is does anyone have experience installing the replacement hose without the restrictor they are available from many of the Cadillac dealers
  11. I'm trying to replace the Power steering hoses on my '53 Cadillac 60S. I took the hoses to my local hydraulic hose shop for fabrication and they told me that there is a restrictor built into the pressure hose. Unfortunately they don't have the restrictor so they cant make the hoses. I've seen some of these hose for sale on the internet but they don't appear to have the restrictor.....Is this necessary to have ??...... does anyone have any experience with replacing these hoses both pressure and return hoses and do you know a supplier? Thanks Carl
  12. I recently purchased a 1969 Buick Electra Convertible thathas the optional stereo unit (not the tape player unit) mounted under the dash. I had the radio and stereo amp repaired howeverthe stereo amp was disconnect so I am unsure of how to reconnect the radio andstereo amp together. I recall seeing awiring diagram once that should the proper wiring. Does anyone know to wire these units togethercorrectly? I also have a what appears tobe a fader dial mounted in the lower access panel of the dash that must controlfrt & rear speaker any help begreatly appreciated, thanks All, Carl BCA 17588<o:p></o:p>
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