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  1. No no rob, let me educate you somewhat, I have the answer, you see in Australia (not Austria), we have as many kangaroos as humans hence kangaroos proved to be problematic with the front of cars, well as is the case now all Australian built cars have a anti-roo switch upon pressing makes a chirping noise similar to flipper the dolphin, the kangaroo then moves from our driveway and sits on the porch waiting for a Vegemite sandwich. Gotta love the history with these cars down under!!!
  2. Howdy, my gauge appears to be stuck on "full" gas all the time when infact it may be 1/2 full etc, does that tell me without doubt it is the float in the tank, I assume it is not a gound issue, would it be easier to replace or repair if replace any advise? Thanks kindly Adam
  3. Hey thanks Koala, what your saying makes sense, thanks for the tip too about shorting the terminals, I shall get onto it asap! Cheers Adam
  4. Actually the switch runs off a junction box for the brake lines (on the chassis) with 2 terminals runnign back into the wiring loom..I would have thought it needed to be 6volt but trust me I wouldn't know! Cheers Adam
  5. Calling fellow aussies, does anyone know where to purchase a 6 volt stop light switch for my 49 Super.......I have come to a dead-end in the hunt for such. Cheers Adam
  6. Had a similiar problem all I can convey is, the solenoid contacts heat up when the car is warm, if the contacts are not "as new" just wont have enough punch to turn the engine over, mine were even melting a little. New solenoid fixed problem. Cheers Adam
  7. I should note it is a 49 Super, I haven't personally changed any wiring at all (previous owner to me I do not know). All I did was pull out the old solenoid and install a new one however doing this has not agreed with the car. I agree Pete I am a original freak and hate any changes I think I am going to have to get a good auto-elec to look at it. Thanks anyway Adam
  8. I hate to post and ask questions without giving it a decent crack (which I have done) but this hiccup has nailed me....... Briefly... New battery New battery leads New starter solenoid New starter bushes. - I have removed starter (many times), bench started it and works perfecty with new solenoid, I then install in the car and all I get is the solenoid engaging and no cranking. - If I short the main positive battery terminal to the smaller ignition wire, she cranks perfectly and starts, so I figure all works on bench and in car....but not when I turn ignition ON, depress accelerator and push s
  9. Thanks for that, being an Australian Right Hand Drive delivered car there are a few quirky differences to US cars, being a 49 Super manual I would naturally assume solid however, I cannot put a feeler gauge between gauge and rocker and the other identifying attributes I cannot verify (My father has another 49 Super manual Aussie delivered and that has hydraulic lifters, I suspect Buick may have sent out hydraulic lifters to AUS and were not as strict with specs). I do have a valve that is a little "jumpy" and noisy and thought I may have been able to adjust myself, but I might get my mechanic
  10. To those with greater knowledge then I, how can I tell whether the attached picture of my valves are hydraulic or solid lifters, ignoring the year and transmission type. Thanks Adam
  11. Just a note of interest after going through all the checks and balances trying to fix this problem, new cables, bushes, cleaned starter throughout, armature on growler, new battery....etc etc. I have discovered that while this may have not been the sole reason it certainly contributed heavily to starter slugglishness.....the bolt which screws into the side of the starter motor earthing to the chassis, well it was to long hence stopping the pinion from engaging correctly into the ring gear on the fly wheel at a gap of 3/16th of inch fully engaged as per manual but once I screwed the earth stra
  12. Hi Pete, thanks for the pointers, the cable does appear to be suspect, I am in the throws of ordering some parts off Bob's so I will get some new battery cables too, it kinda makes sense, fingers crossed once I have attended to all these things she will be on track. Cheers and thanks Adam
  13. Hi Leif, yes I dismantelled the solenoid too, it was in rather poor condition I cleaned and set the points and the pinion clearance correctly, after thinking about it over night I will replace the solenoid first and take it from there. Thanks Adam
  14. My Super's starter-motor was turning over very sluggishly at the start then after say 5-15 seconds would turn over quickly and fire no problem. Sluggish I mean slowly slowly turning over. Well I removed the starter-motor, disassembled and gave it a good clean as there was alot of dirt in it ( I mean very dirty including 4 or 5 spots of thrown solder). Well it has improved immensly but sometimes still will be sluggish when starting. All I can think of now is maybe the armature is not "true" or drive assembly?? Really am guessing any hints or tips from those with greater knowledge then I would b
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