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  1. Fact is; I did read all the replies, and I am back! I guess you know I am not a mechanic and some of the advice given to me has been, well, let's say a tad left of center, if you will. So, OK I will put aside the power steering issue as I have rebuilt the (someone else has) front suspension, put in a steering damper (as suggested), and increased the PSI in tires (as suggested). Also, some other slight modifications which have helped many of the initial problems. Before I get sucked into any old chain -- who do you suggest for a quality alignment? Are there methods or techniques I should look
  2. Here is my dilemma, and I am not an expert nor a mechanic. I need to put a power steering capability and I was told to drop an engine into the f250 that has power steering. Someone (same person) told me the 454 chevy would accomplish this????
  3. Can this swap be accomplished?
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