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  1. Hahaha, funny! I am amazed at the details people have wrote about in their stories, even junk yard finds that happened 20 or 30 years ago. I heard one of our yard guys talking last week and he said about 10 years ago he was out in Alberta at a U Pic yard and found 50 rolls of quarters in a bag stashed under a spare tire!
  2. The big question is did it have wood paneling? Hahaha, if you put wings on it would it fly!!
  3. I was hanging out with some fellow car enthusiast friends this weekend and after a couple of beers we started talking about which make/models we loved and which ones we hated. It was really interesting to see how passionate people were about both of these categories. So I thought I would start a thread and see how everyone here feels. I will kick it off! Worst car ever - In the early 70's my friends father had a puke green Gremlin (built by AMC 1960-1974) and I will give that model my vote. Out of the dozen or so times I was driven around in it with their family we had it conk out 4 times.
  4. Well this one would not qualify as best, but definitely strangest! At the yard here back in Nov. 2009 we found a really weird looking electronic device hooked up to a barrel with wires coming out of it behind the seat of a pickup truck that was here to be crushed. See news report below:
  5. Wow, great to hear! I full motor for under $50!! Great find!
  6. I wonder if a website for these type of 'tracking' questions would do well. Did they have VIN numbers back then? How else would you be able to find out if it was really your car that was still alive?
  7. $700 -----> $80k is sweet! I bet you put in lots of elbow grease!
  8. Don't these old heavy cars guzzle a lot of gas?
  9. Hahaha, just had to chime in because I love the title of your thread. My guess is that if they are selling your car and you don't know about it - it is probably fraud!!
  10. 84TransAm did you buy it? One of the worst finds we had here at Standard was a couple months ago we had a car with what looked like a bomb in the trunk (a huge barrel with all kinds of wires and tubes sticking out of it), we closed down and called the local bomb squad in. It turned out to be some sort of crazy fuel modification they had done to the car.
  11. Wow, some of these finds are unbelievable!! I would love to know how much money was in those socks!!! I once found a roll of twenties (10 of them) in the back of the glove compartment of a 1989 Ford Probe (first year they were made I believe) back in 1995.
  12. Back in 1911 that would have been a good find? Elgin Creamery Butter, brick form, lb..........................................35c Pure Buckwheat in 10-lb sack, worth............................................40c (The old-fashion kind) special 10-lb sack......................................28c Chocolate Cream Drops, our own make, 15c regular Saturday......................10c Oranges, "Flordia Sweets" dozen....................................30c Cake, Chocolate Layer, our own make in carton "Country Club" brand, each.......10c Beans, hand picked Navy, special, 6-lb for.........................
  13. Wow, those prices are just insane...even adjusting to today's dollars it seems like a pretty sweet deal! I mean in 1958 folks were earning around $50 a week right? So that would be like finding a car for $200 these days?
  14. Darn! It reminds me about something my better half always says, "If you never ask, you will never know"!
  15. At Standard Auto Wreckers we operate a U Pull It yard in Toronto, Ontario and we also run free parts days where folks can come in for a flat fee of $49.95 and you can walk out with everything you can carry. Sometimes our customers find some real gems. I would like to know about some of your best finds at your own local auto recycler? Pictures would be great too!
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