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  1. Hi. I am interested!! I will make a list of all parts and send it to your email. Where are you located? Might go to the US next year. Thanks, Hans
  2. I am looking for a distributer for a 1921 4-cyl Durant. Anyone??
  3. Looking for some parts for a ´59 Villager. Original mirrors (both sides) and EDSEL letters on the hood. Anyone??
  4. I am looking for a hood for a 1956 or 1957 Intaernational S-160 truck. Is the same hood used on other series trucks? I got the information that the hood on ´56 and ´57 are the same, is this true? Anyone....
  5. I am looking for a gas tank for a 1965 Rambler Classic 770 convertible. Anyone here have one???
  6. Looking for a ´59 Buick convertible for a friend. She wants a good car that is drivable and decent. She is restoring her ´59 Buick Invicta wagon right now so she don´t need another major project, has to be drivable. If it is located on the west coast its even better since I plan to go there in april. Any help in locating a car is appreciated. Thanks
  7. Hi. About the door panels you can contact SMS interior in Portland, OR. They do excellent work but might take awhile. If you call ask for Chuck, he knows Buicks. Hans Largest Selection of Cloth, Vinyl & Leather Automobile Upholstery - SMS Auto Fabrics
  8. Hi. Is your hubcap still for sale? If so, is it possible to pay using paypal? How much would shipping be to Portland, OR (zip-code 97206)?
  9. I have a Volvo 444, but I am in Sweden so its not that strange. Mine is an unrestored ´53 that my grandad bought new in ´53. Still have all paperwork since ´53.
  10. A friend of mine is looking for a 1967 Buick Wildcat Conv. It should be in good or very good condition.
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