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  1. oh and I think my Aunt Sally........ RIP both of them..........
  2. Now that's a kewl looking Pedal Car.. my Dad Welman Ford...
  3. I wonder if the course would let me use my Model T for a Golf Cart?? Just sayin' My Great Grandpa Ford and Great Grandmother Driving..lol.. Now that's funny....
  4. The note on the back of the picture suggests this is my Great Grandpa Ford's car.. Not sure what it is but I sure like it!
  5. Hi Bob, Thanks for the reply.. I'm looking for info on how to set model t ford timer synchronization .. no luck yet... I have been reading a little about setting Coil Spark and I do have a seemingly homeade coil box tester that works off the battery.. Some comments suggest that this is not a good way to do it but I really don't have any other choice at this point and they seem to spark fine.. Greg
  6. Thanks Bob, I replaced the little spring in the brush.. the car seems to run okay but it runs like it drank nyquil or something.. not sure if the spark is hot enough or?? Greg
  7. Hello, I am looking for info on the Brush for a New Day Timer on a 1924 Model T Ford. The spring seems to only push the brush out half way.. Does that brush need to go out all the way to make contact with the Timer? ? Any help would would be appreciated. Thanks Greg Ford
  8. Hello, My Model T started Backfiring and running rough and can't figure it out.?? I cleaned the Gas and Carb, Re-set the Coil Boxes not sure what else to check.. seems electrical..?? When I turn Key over to Magneto it runs real rough but seems to Idol fine on Battery.. Any help would be appreciated.. Thanks, Fordo
  9. I guess I should have been more specific....... I can register it in either place since I have homes in both.. Looking more for info on Prices and if anyone knows that sort of thing.. Lifetime Registrations?? Historic Plates?? It's hard finding the info and sitting on the phone with these people is not ...well ya know.. I thought I would ask the best people for this and that would be this forum.. Thanks
  10. Not sure.. I purchased a few pallets of parts and they said Model T but I don't think so..Someone said Model A and another said Dodge Bros... I think they are 19" and about 4" wide.. don't remember exactly and I can't get in the garage to look right this minute.. They are for sale and I have 4 of them..
  11. this has got to be one of the most ridiculous things I have ever read.. I'm going to buy another car just because! and I'm going to make sure it doesn't run!!!!!!!
  12. Hi, I recently purchased a 1924 T and was wondering where I should register it?? Florida or New York?? It's tough finding the correct infomation from DMV... Go Figure..... Thanks for any help
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