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  1. Problem Solved! Found 'em on Ebay.... Pretty amazing too - guy down in Texas had a set of 6 of them (always good to have a couple extras), I found em and ordered em late on the 23rd (maybe even early on the 24th), they were shipped on the 24th, and got here (in NC) today the 26th.... via USPS First Class Mail! Good to be pleasantly surprised occasionally.....
  2. Thanks Tim... yeah, I figured that if I could find any late 70's/early 80's B-body car, that the headlight bucket assembly would be the same. Apparently that's not the case. Only thing I can figure out is that it's because of the Riv's plastic front end for those years, that they didn't want a spring-loaded piece of metal digging into it. One possible solution I thought of was to thread a "regular" headlamp tension spring through the hole for the screw, but that seems like sort of a hit-or-miss proposition...
  3. Hello all, Got a 1977 (well, mostly 77 - front end is from a 78) Riviera I've been working on... the issue I've run into is that the headlamp retainer springs are rusted out, so the headlights can't be adjusted properly. Now, I've dug through a salvage yard and found that most retainer springs are held in place by the "tail" of the spring itself - these, though, are held in place by a hex-head screw through the middle of the spring, into the plastic fascia :confused: . Anybody know of any other car that uses this arrangement, or what the original GM replacement part # might be, or anything else that might help me out with this? Thanks!
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