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  1. Steve, Here is one that we posted at The Old Motor. Reader Robert Cunningham posted the following about it:

    These children were driving an electric Custer Cootie, built by L. Luzern Custer of Dayton, Ohio. Custer’s production of miniature automobiles in a variety of styles began in 1920. The Cootie was their best seller, and many were wrapped with spring steel bumpers for use in amusement parks, as shown above. Hollywood stars were often photographed in Cooties at a large amusement park in Los Angeles; this photo may have been taken there. Custer later produced miniature Carrier trucks, Cabbie railroad engines, and small racers. They built electric wheel chairs for the disabled, and large motorized chairs to transport tourists over the grounds of the 1939-40 New York World’s Fair.


  2. I have a couple of thousand old car photos. Do you accept photos for use on your site? If so how would I send them to you?

    Anyone can send us photos, first go to the site theoldmotor.com, we do not have a direct email link because of spam problems but leave us a comment on the

    comment page (it will not be posted) and we will send you our link.

    We are always on the lookout for interesting photos to post. You need to be able to scan them and email them to us as an attachment.

    The site has new submissions every day and is quite active so put us in your favorites and stop by daily.




  3. Brad ...... The rods are steel with a bronze backed babbitt insert and the wrist pin bushings are the typical bronze. Without looking it up the L-Head bore and stroke is I believe 3.750" X 6.750".

    Other than that I know nothing more about them or the engine that they were in....

  4. web.jpg?ver=12927037340001

    Ivan and All....These were the L-Head Mercer rods that I mentioned before in the post about Bosch mags. They were Morris Burrow's and he said that they came out of a racing car that ran at a track near Atlantic City.

    They have been excessively lightened (the beams are maybe half of their original size) and in fact one of them broke just below the eye and has been welded back together. I have a full set of them.

  5. Ivan...I don't know what happened to crankshaft that Morris had but I ended up with the drilled set of L-Head racing connecting rods. They came out of a racing car that was run around the Atlantic City area.

    Do you need a crankshaft for your L-Head ?? There must be one around....If not Moldex outside of Detroit can make you one. I have had them make me a T-head Mercer crank, a 4-60 Thomas crank and right now they are making me a 6-70 Thomas crank. They do very good work and the price while expensive is is line with what it takes to do the job.

    I will post photos of the L-Head rods when I get a chance.....They are quite interesting.

  6. Stude8...... Thanks for the kind words and the photos.... Just to set the record straight the photo you posted was of the bottom half of new crankcases that I remachined for a 50 HP chain drive Simplex. The second photo shows transmision-differential cases that we have also done for a chain drive 50HP Simplex.

    Trained Monkey.....Thanks for the call and good luck.....Your L-Head sounds like an very interesting car and project.



  7. Good to see a little activity here on the Mercer Forum.....After reading Ivan's post about ZR4 mags I will add this. One other area that can cause varing point gaps is the points housing and the end plate on the mag that it rides in.

    I rebuild my own mags and this is the last one I did that is a ZR4 2-Spark on a T-Head Mercer I just finished up recently. The OD of the points housing and the ID of the bore in the end plate were both worn which is common and will let the gap vary widely at random as much as .015" thousandths.

    I bore the end housing and fit a sleeve which I machine and then bore it after being installed for .001"-.002" clearance on the OD of the points housing which I machine in the lathe.

    Ivan is also correct about a 2-spark igniton being helpful on L-Head Mercers also in his recent posts.






  8. Craig....... I think I know of this car you are thinking about. I can supply a complete rear axle and most of anything else that you need.

    If it is the car I am thinking of I have supplied parts to one of the past owners.

    I have worked on several of them and have one of my own...... Send me an email or PM.....T-H