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  1. Fiat-OM.jpg

    We at The Old Motor have been telling you about our first charitible fund raiser. Well it is now open and we are helping

    the Larz Anderson Auto Museum get this incredible 1907 Fiat to the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance later this summer.

    The fund is to help them pay for the new tires this car needs and it will help them immensely, as they will be able to benefit

    from the world-wide exposure the car will get at the concours .

    Like many museums, they rely on donations from the public to carry out their mission. We hope

    this will be only the first round of fund raising to help form a preservation fund that can be used to

    take care of the needs of our core “Larz Anderson Collection” of rare and early vehicles. These masterpieces were first

    shared with the public when the Anderson’s opened their carriage house to tours of its “ancient vehicles” in 1927.

    We at The Old Motor are helping them and you can read the story about the Fiat here along with links to

    many photos of this incredible car.


  2. The new tires arrived late last week for the 1907 Fiat and we were able to get two of them

    on the car over the weekend. We will post an update soon.

    The Larz Anderson Museum needs donations to help pay for the cost of the tires and now

    has their easy and secure credit card payment system set up to make it easy to help out.

    Please remember that every gift counts no matter how small!

    You can also mail a check to the museum at the address below if that is

    more convenient for you. In you correspondence just state that it is for the 1907 FIAT

    Pebble Beach Campaign

    Larz Anderson Auto Museum

    FIAT Pebble Beach Campaign

    15 Newton St

    Brookline, MA 02445

    Phone: (617) 522-6547

    Fax: (617) 524-0170

    Thanks to you in advance for helping them.

    David Greenlees


  3. That one is impressive. The owner's last name (Cheatham) isn't really one that goes well for someone in business.

    I think the filling station that Frank Lloyd Wright designed in Minnesota is even better.

    West....Do you have any photos of the Frank Lloyd Wright station?

    I thought the same thing, who would by gas from Ed Cheatham??

  4. That certainly is one amazing car and very deserving of a trip to Pebble Beach along with all the support (monetary and otherwise) necessary to get it there safely. This is really a tremendous effort by the Larz Anderson people including yourself.

    Is it correct to say that the car is a 1 owner in that it was originally bought by Larz Anderson and has not been retitled? How many were made and is this the only survivor?

    I hope many people send donations to help fund such a worthwhile project. This car is probably so rare and valuable that the Fiat people in Turin, Italy would like to have it in their museum.

    Let's make sure that it is well preserved so that we can all enjoy seeing it at the Larz Anderson Museum.

    Thanks so much for your interest in this incredibly rare car and the Larz Anderson Museums efforts to get it to Pebble Beach. It is one of only 116 that were built between the years of 1907-1908.

    It is a very large car that is on a 139" w.b. with double-chain drive and features a 674 c.i. six cylinder engine that can be seen below.

    It has spent its whole life in at the Larz Anderson carriage house and now is its chance after 105 years to spend a day in the sun and help the future efforts of the Larz Anderson.

    The full details on their efforts and many more photos of the car can be seen on The Old Motor.


  5. I see three good tires in the photo. Was this car going to be driven to the show?

    All of the tires and tubes on the car are very old and badly age cracked. We have taken two of them off of the rims so far and it is a good thing we did as they have big chunks of rust inside along with the broken off pieces of a wire brush bristles.

    The very real concern is flat tires or a blow out in the transporter on trip out and back which is 7000 miles round trip. If a tire or tires goes flat in transport the tie-down straps will loosen up and the car will rock back and forth was possible resulting damage to it and other cars.

    It is the only one of its kind, unrestored and quite special which is the reason for the effort. The photo below shows some of what was inside of one tire with a quarter added for size reference. Someone well meaning, 50-60 years ago used a wire brush to try to remove the rust from the inside of the rims but it ended up getting inside the tires when the bristles broke off.


  6. FII1.jpg

    Here are a few photos of the Larz Anderson Auto Museum 1907 Fiat that is headed to

    Pebble Beach for the Concours d'Elegance.

    The Museum is a non-profit and we are helping them prepare this incredible car for the trip.

    The car needs new tires before it goes and our readers have generously pitched in for the cost of

    one tire and The Old Motor has bought one. The Museum needs donations to help with the cost

    of the other three tires.

    You can read the earlier post here on the forum, and stop by The Old Motor were you can learn

    all the details about how you can help, and see many more photos of the car. You can also visit

    The Larz Anderson Auto Museum here.

    Please help them if you can, as the exposure they will receive will help them with further fund raising.

    The Larz Anderson Auto Museum is home to "America’s oldest car collection." For over 75 years the

    Larz Anderson Auto Museum has been supporting the old car community through a variety of educational

    programs, exhibits, and lectures.

    Today the Museum's primary goal is its continued support of the old car community through

    educational outreach and the preservation of our permanent collection of early automobiles.

    The Larz Anderson Auto Museum hopes to serve as a resource for your automotive and cultural interests.



  7. Packard-Model-G-I.jpg

    The Larz Anderson Auto Museum has been preserving the Roderic Blood Packard Factory photo collection for decades. They decided to share it with everyone last fall and we have been posting the photos which start in 1899 on The Old Motor for all to enjoy.

    We have hundreds of rare and interesting Packard photos online now and have covered the years 1899-1913 so far. Join in as we cover all Packards manufactured up though the mid 1930s.

    Enjoy the photos and if you can join in on the upcoming fund raiser we will be helping them with.


  8. You two are getting close and thanks for watching. It is taking the Museum longer than expected to get their online payment system hooked up.

    As soon as they do we will will let all of you know what it is and I will post some great photos.

    In the meantime check out the original Packard factory photos from the Rod Blood Collection they have that we have posted for them. You can see a

    sample just below.


  9. It would be nice to see a picture of the car, for those that would like to know what they are contributing to. .

    Roger, Good point, and I also did not realize that the photos I posted before were not showing. I have but them back up along with a couple more here. The photos are just some teaser photos I took yesterday to stir up a little interest for them. As soon as the museum is ready I will do another post here with many photos of the whole car to kick off the fund raiser.


    In the meantime we have much more info about it at The Old Motor. The car is here in our shop as we do volunteer work to help the museum with the cars. As soon as the museum gets their payment system set up with a better system than they have now they will be able to accept your contributions for the tires. Sorry for the confusion

    In the meantime you can check out the museums very informative website and learn more about them. We have a post up today on The Old Motor that shows the opening of the museum in 1949.


  10. Larz1.jpg

    The Larz Anderson Automobile Museum needs our readers, friends and car clubs help very soon. One of the crown jewels from the Larz Anderson Collection has been invited to the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance this upcoming, August 19. There they will be sharing the car with the world of car collectors and the exposure they derive from it will help this very worthy and deserving museum immensely.

    The Larz Anderson Auto Museum is a 501©3 nonprofit educational and cultural institution dedicated to the preservation of the varied collections including the world renowned Anderson Car Collection and to further educate the public on the automobile and its impact upon society through changing exhibits.


    The Museum relies on the help and donations of people of like all of us to continue on with their mission. The transportation costs to the Concours and back for the car has all ready been taken care of. The car needs a new set of tires and tubes to safely make the 7000 mile transporter trip out and back without risking damage, as some of them are 75 years old or more.

    Follow this link to The Old Motor where you can see more photos and learn all about the Museum and the upcoming fund raiser.

  11. I suspect this photo was taken in or near Rochester NY. For many years there was a Ford agency in Rochester by the name of Judge's Ford. And the companies slogan was "Good morning Judge". This logo can still be found on accessories at flea markets, especially on the foot gas pedal accessory for the model T Ford. But I have no help on the Miller car.-Bob

    Seldenguy thanks for the help, we recieved other replies that all point to Rochester, here is one from Dick Stearns:

    I can’t help with the little car, but Judge’s Ford was an old line Ford dealer on Lake Ave., just a couple of blocks from the Kodak State St. offices, in Rochester. They lasted into the 1980′s as I recall. I have seen Model T fords with their trade mark slogan “good morning Judge” cast into the retainer nut on the steering wheel. I think this photo was taken on Main St. just west ot the Genesee river. That looks like the old Security Trust bank building, now long gone, replaced by the Riverside Convention Center.

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