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  1. I was talking with a nice old guy at the Mercer Reunion last summer and he had a copy of this photo which he said was taken on Jacksonville Beach Fla.

    I believe it is a 1913 -14 Mercer 35-J which has been fitted with a custom racing body and hood. Can anyone identify this car ? Who is the driver ? What year ? Where speed events run on that beach also ? Look at the choice of a number !


  2. Keiser......Great photos !! Your grandmother had good taste and must have proud of both the car and the beautiful coat. The car I believe instead of being a LaSalle is 1929 Cadilliac my very favorite car from the classic era.

    Both of those makes from 1927-29 being styled by Harley Earl in my eye are just wonderful to look at. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Another favorite photo. A typical of the period speedster evidently made up by these fellows. I believe it is a small early Peerless and I would venture a guess that they constructed it the building behind it as the glass door window is lettered Office - Garage.

    They either were not to very fussy or were in a hurry as there is no front hubcap on it which is exposing the bearing to dirt !!!


  4. Walkers Garage Part II:

    The photo of the limo is I believe a Rochet - Schnider and I would guess that it is from the 1905-10 era. If it is one it was made in France and was a very quality marque and must have cost the Walkers a large sum as it was a very expensive and high quality automobile.

    They picked people up at the train station and delivered them to the Mt. Equinox Hotel which still exists. I am also told by the historical society there that they would rent out the car w/a driver for tours of the area which is very scenic.

    The second photo is the sign off of the garage that is one of my most highly prized possessions and I have it hanging on the wall here in my shop. It is 8 ' X 16".



  5. This is a photo of Walkers garage in Manchester Vt. circa 1926. The town has been a vacation town since the RR came there being so attractive and surrounded by mountains. The Walkers had a farm there that they sold to President Lincoln's son and moved to the depot in the 1880s. They first sold bicycles and then brought the first car in town and gave visitors tours of the area. I will post the a neat photo of the car later along with the sign that I have on my shop wall.

    If you have any great photos please post them and hopefully we can get this thread to become something wonderful. Thanks, T- Head.


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