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  1. Here is a new one we posted today from Oklahoma City......Gas selling for 12 1/2 CENTS A GALLON !!! 8 gallons for a dollar. Details @ theoldmotor.com
  2. My arms are covered with it now. David Traver Adolphus from Hemmings was over for a photo shoot of the Lars Anderson Fiat and I got into it some how.
  3. Dave, it is amazing how the body has settled to the ground over the chassis.
  4. We thought you would enjoy these photos that are part of a series “Paradise Parking” by Peter Lippmann, it is a series by the gifted American-born photographer based in Paris. The photos were taken on an estate of a reclusive family were some of the cars have been resting for close to 100 years. You can see more of the series and info on his upcoming show and book on theoldmotor.com When these cars were parked they were just old used cars that time and nature have caught up with. Try to look at then not as ruined cars and view them as they are, an example of time, nature and exposure.
  5. Amphicar BUYER.....We are happy to hear that you enjoy it.
  6. It eventually became Noah's Ark as seen here after it closed and burned in 2001.
  7. The incredible S. S. Grand View Point Hotel was built on the Lincoln Hwy., U.S. Route 30 near Bedford, PA. in 1928. In 1932 it was updated to look like a steamer. We have a very detailed post up on The Old Motor with many more photos of this treasure along with its history. Just below is a very interesting video about the history of Lincoln Highway, Route 30 that the Grandview was on.
  8. Two engineers are seen posing in this photo at an unknown manufacturer or testing lab in the 1930s in a neat post with information and links we have up today on The Old Motor along with three enlargements.
  9. The dashboard of a 1937 Delahaye 135 M roadster is shown in one of four Alan Gosley's photos on The Old Motor today taken at the recent Elegance at Hershey.
  10. A photo taken during a gas war in Detroit, at a fairly modern looking Sunoco station in 1953. Can anyone ID the location based on the Detroit Terminal Railroad bridge in the background?
  11. More of Alan Gosley's fine photography at the Elegance at Hershey. If you enjoy classic cars you can see more of Alan's work on from the Amelia Island Concour onThe Old Motor.
  12. A wonderful image of a rider posing with his late twenties Harley-Davidson and sidecar outfit. He is at a Standard Oil Station and visible on the far left is an oil dispenser for heavy oil, in the middle one for medium weight oil. To the right of the dispensers is a small “Free Crankcase Service” table with a rack holding pre-filled one quart oil bottles and directly behind him is a hand pumped gasoline dispenser. We have many more gas station photos for you to enjoy on The Old Motor.
  13. This a The Old Motor press photo that was taken by photographer Bob Kotalik for the Chicago Sun Times on July 7, 1960. The occasion may have been a Lions Club convention, as this was part of the Lions Club parade on Michigan Ave.
  14. A couple more photos by Alan Godsley showing a Buick along with a Packard driving up the Hotel Hershey driveway. The second photo shows the Off Brothers Collection 1938 Bugatti Type 57C Aravis drophead that received the French Curve Award - Open
  15. A Gasoline price war in St. Petersburg, Florida, during 1964. Full details can be found on TheOldMotor.com
  16. It is one of the three best club publications including the Horseless Carriage Gazette and the Antique Automobile in the U.S.
  17. More of Alan Gosley's fine photos from The Elegance are up on The Old Motor. This link will take you to 100's of Alan's photos on The Old Motor.
  18. A gas pump price sign we have here at The Old Motor with prices between 9 and 22 cents and a couple of blanks.
  19. Last weekend was the second annual The Elegance at Hershey, held at the Hotel Hershey. Friend Alan Gosley of Overdrive Images, traveled all the way from Cow Bay, Nova Scotia, to capture these fine photos. Alan started out very early in the morning to catch some of the participants on the way into the show on the driveway of the Hotel. (Above) is the 1938 Delage D8 Coupe from the JWR museum on its way in, shown in the bright sunlight. A sleeve-valve Brewster enclosed-drive limousine is seen (below) climbing the hill on its way in. We will be featuring Alan's fine photography of The Elegance on The Old Motor along with photos of the VSCCA Grand Accent held at the same time in the coming weeks. Keep stopping by to enjoy his wonderful photos.
  20. That Good Gulf Gasoline was only 18 CENTS a gallon in this photo. If you can help us date this pump please leave a comment at The Old Motor.
  21. Bob, thanks so much for helping the Larz Anderson. We are working with them to set up a preservation fund to use to in the future for conservation measures on the cars in the core Anderson Collection. The Fiat is the first and if things go well and people are willing to donate to help the deserving non-profit we make be able to get this fine car running in the future. As to grey tires, Michelin's and Dunlop's are in short supply these days. This car has clincher tires and the only choice available today that fit are black tires.
  22. The Museum also needs 10 rim clamps as shown. They are 2 3/4" long X 1 3/8" tall X 1" deep. Contact me if you can help them.
  23. We have had a few emails asking for more photos of the car people can see before they contribute and here are a few more. You can also see more on the Old Motor links in the post above. Just above is a photo of it shortly after it was new in 1907. If you follow this link to the Larz Anderson Auto Museum's website you can read more about this car and the others in the collection. Below are photos of it in it's unrestored condition in which it is going to remain other than minor preservation measures. The only real changes on the car over its life tim are the fenders and running boards were modernized in the early teens as was fashionable when it was also converted to electric lamps. Enjoy the photos and please help them if you can, by contributing directly to them to help out with the new tires it needs.
  24. This photo that appears to be from the late 1920's on The Old Motor, is from an unknown location. They sold both Sinclair and Red Crown Gasoline for visible pumps.
  25. The photo is from The Old Motor and we have been told (by a curved dash expert) that it was part of an Oldsmobile promo. The cars are curved dash Olds and this demonstrated how maneuverable they were.