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  1. This photograph is another racer I would like to identify. The photo was taken in the San Diego area and I believe that it maybe a twenties desert racer. It looks like a production car turned into a racer but I cannot place it. It could have also been run at Pikes Peak.

    You may know what it is based on the lettering on the hood which appears to read ...... 6-66 special.


  2. If you are of that mind it might be the time for a beer. At the left is a refrigerated semi, possibly pulled by a mid 30's IHC. The center truck I believe is also an IHC and it is from Labatt's Winnipeg Branch. The last truck according to Fotofan is a huge Sterling, it was loaded with two tanks that were going to a brewery in Wisconsin.




  3. A very sporty mid 20's Pierce-Arrow with a California Top and added strips on the back of the body. It appears to be a new car that maybe the body builder or trimmer who made the top had finished and photographed before it left. The dealer would have added the spare and maybe a rack on the back along with a trunk.



  4. T-Head, the Benovelent Dictators Favorite photos.

    1st. ChrisPaulsen. Young women sitting in a Velie Racy Type.

    2nd. twin6. Jack McGee in his Old's Limited.

    Again thanks to all of you for sending in photos and we will do

    this again in the future, so send in as many of the best photos

    as you can.

    Best Regards, T-Head.



  5. Best person or people with an automobile.

    1st. festanley. Two men in a Underslung.

    2nd. twin6. Man with dog and gun.

    3rd. Paul Dobbin. His Father and his Model A.

    Note: in posting this something went wrong with the

    pictures and even after deleteing the same thing

    happens again.




  6. And just like most things, the only constant is change. T-Head changed the awards already. So our first is Best Motorcycle.

    1st. MCHinson. A man with his two children.

    2nd. 28Chrysler. A boy on his racing bike.

    3rd. ModelTNick. His dad and his bike.




  7. The time for the major announcement you have all been waiting for is here. And before I go on I would like to thank the Madison Radio Shop for sending over their Norge Sound Car for the grand occasion.

    And the big announcement is that first we want to thank all of you for helping make is thread what is with all of the photos you have sent in. For without your help none of this would not be possible.

    Next I am announcing that the Benevolent Dictator of this thread, T-Head, is going to have regular photo contests when he feels here have been enough great photos sent in. He and his guys in his shop (they are working on that old junker of a Packard in the photo) are going to judge the photos by vote so it will be fair and impartial. The photos will also be judged on content and their freshness (originals or photos that have not been pilfered from another website).

    The categories may change but for the first contest will be.

    Best person or persons with an automobile, truck or motorcycle.

    Best gas station or service garage.

    Best photograph taken by a professional photographer.

    The most entertaining.

    And of course the Benevolent Dictator or T-Head's favorite pick

    and whatever else he may dream up on the fly.

    So later today, tune back in and see what they have come up with and thanks again to all of you for your photos.



  8. This a Gordon Watney Special, he was a very well know dealer - racer in England. He built and raced mostly large chain drive specials some of which were aero engined and built on double chain drive Mercedes chassis. Many of these creations were raced on the famous Brooklands track before 'its' demise during WWII. This special is incredible, read the description in the ad.




  9. Look at these two racers....... a pair of Model T based dirt track cars

    which look to be very professional. I wonder just what is going on

    in this scene ? Were they covered overnight and it blew off ? The

    car in the rear has a overhead valve head, not sure about the front



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