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  1. Your AACA Library & Research Center has tens of thousands of photographs, postcards and illustrations. Recently the library was given a scrapbook made by Edsel Ford that documented a cross country trip he & a few of his buddies made during the summer of 1915. There was an article documenting the trip in the Nov/Dec 2009 issue of The Horseless Carriage Gazette.

    That is Edsel on the horse & the stone building is the lookout building at the Grand Canyon. The gun play? Just boys being boys!


    Chris.......please treat us to more photos. Many Thanks, T-Head

  2. I think that we should all give stude8 a standing ovation for the wonderful job he did on the Studebaker racing story at Indy!!!!!!!

    I also think that we should appoint him to be a Head Chairman of all things Studebaker on this thread. And of coarse this means he have to keep us entertained with more features.

    Keep up the great work stude8 and fill us in on more of the great Studebaker story!!!!!

  3. A very unique bus and truck that was probably the tire shops dream. I do not know much about trucks and buses but this pair really caught my eye. All that I know is that the photo was taken in San Francisco and they must be from the mid twenties thru the mid thirties. I hope that there is someone out there that can enlighten us.


  4. I think this is one of the best threads. Super good pictures.

    Thanks Larry, I would like to take this opportunity to ask more people to get involved submitting photos. We are all looking forward to seeing whatever gems you have. We need your help to keep this thread going. Thanks, T-Head

  5. This Metz roadster is evidently involved in some type of contest or tour in Minnesota ( I think it was an AAA Reliability Tour) as indicated by the fifteen on the radiator. I love the action involved in this photo and also the fact that horses could help an automobile go somewhere it could not on it's way to totally replacing them.


  6. I found this photo the other day which is related to the set of photos of 1938 Plymouth factory shots. This shows the press in its entirety for stamping the one piece tops that we looked at a week or so ago. I have seen similar sized presses in a factory in the past that made parts for the big three back when they where actually that in the late 60's and they are very impressive in operation.

    My dad was a tool & die and my brother is still in the field. They worked for a company in Waterbury, Conn. called Anchor Fastener that made stampings for the automakers and had a building the size of a football field filled with presses like this. It was the most impressive thing I have ever seen in operation. It is all gone now and finally closed last year.

    PS. We passed 500 posts today and 16,000 views. Thanks for helping us get this far.


  7. Here is a nice set of four Packard assembly line photos. The second photo looks like possibly 1937 115 or 120 line. The last two photos appear to be a senior series line from perhaps 1940. I am sure some 30's Packard expert can tell us more and also something about the body line in the first photo.





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