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  1. Loewy11.jpg

    We all Think alike: Google honored the "Father of Industrial Design" Raymond Loewy with a Google Doodle yesterday, on the 120th anniversary of Loewy's birthday. The Google Doodle in the video we have on The Old Motor resembles some of the steam locomotive's for which he penned the styling concept drawings. All that we present today shows the brilliance of his work and that of other artists and designers that worked in his studio. See what we came up with along with what the AACA Library did (the photo above) on The Old Motor.

  2. Has anyone ever heard of a race-car engine builder named Fred "Skinny" Clemons? Maybe he's lost to history, as no one I talked to about him had ever heard of him. He was a contemporary of Miller and involved with the Indy 500 pre-1940.

    Jeff, Yes he was a well-known racing figure who had a long history of involvement w/the Indy 500 and sprit cars.

    He was a skilled car builder who also built his own OHC engines.

  3. We have been to the Millers at Milwaukee meet and have participated with a couple of different cars in the past. All of you should try to make it one day, as you can see from the great post that Bill has put together it is special.....And the bratwurst are the BEST.

  4. Thanks for the info Barry, $200 a head seems very reasonable compared to buying a car, restoring, delivering to Pebble, etc:). It’s less than the ticket to get in and I would MUCH rather ride in a car than look at them. Thanks again.

    Good luck, I was fortunate to be able to drive the tour last year for a friend in Mercer Raceabout we take care of and show it for him at the Concours. If you get the chance do both as they are world class events.

  5. HI all.

    Has anyone ever came across an original Harroun Motors Company LOGO? Their company logo or emblem? I believe it is an image of an Arab with a rifle, sitting upon on a rearing stallion. We are looking for original prints, original emblems, whatever.



    Mike I just did a search through periodicals and was unable to find any advertising for the company. If the IMS museum has any good period or present day photos of the car, we will do an article on it on The Old Motor for you. Our many readers area very resourceful and maybe someone will know of one.

  6. Since this thread is about design ideas... I'll hazard my opinion on "later" chassis used as speedsters. The speedster is really a product of the late brass period and the early 20s when there were lots of earlier, good running but hopelessly old-fashioned cars to be had. Styles changed very quickly and people in 1920 were every bit as fashion conscious then as now, perhaps even more so as there was no panache attached to "old"... antiques dated from the 18th century and earlier, most everything else was junk. There was no "nostalgia" industry and people who affected "old fashioned" were more likely to be laughed at than admired. Ask yourself how often you've seen a street scene photograph from 1925 with a 10 or 12 year old car in it? I don't think anyone would have built a speedster on a 20s chassis (presuming the car was already 4 or 5 years old when assembled) that looked anything like one from the brass period. They'd be far more likely to make some sort of faux-racing car...

    Were I to build a car on a 20s chassis, I think this one, (courtesy of The Old Motor, one of my favorite web sites) is probably one of the best I've seen. Notice the use of the original gas tank too. Actually this chassis is a 1914 Hudson, rebodied in the 20s and looking newer, not older than it really was. I've no idea how to attach the photo so it shows up, so here is the link.

    HarperI | The Old Motor

    Here is the photo that he linked to seen below. On The Old Motor we have many photos of speedsters and in our pre war auto racing section you are sure to find many more.