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  1. If you would like to know all the details behind these unique cars we have a lot of interesting information on The Old Motor about them.
  2. We have many Chadwick photos and much information about them on The Old Motor.
  3. We all Think alike: Google honored the "Father of Industrial Design" Raymond Loewy with a Google Doodle yesterday, on the 120th anniversary of Loewy's birthday. The Google Doodle in the video we have on The Old Motor resembles some of the steam locomotive's for which he penned the styling concept drawings. All that we present today shows the brilliance of his work and that of other artists and designers that worked in his studio. See what we came up with along with what the AACA Library did (the photo above) on The Old Motor.
  4. The above will work with no chemicals involved....LOL
  5. GREAT JOB!!! They say a picture is worth a thousand words.....If thats the case this is worth a gazillion. Best coverage I have see yet......Thanks.
  6. Very interesting.....Thanks.
  7. I was able to find this advertisement for the company, which was found in the Automotive Industries June 25, 1925 issue.
  8. We have 100's of great photos of trucks, buses and equipment that you can find at this link on The Old Motor.
  9. This is one of my favorites and you can find 100's more on The Old Motor. And we also have 100's of photos of garages and dealerships you can find here.
  10. Jeff, Yes he was a well-known racing figure who had a long history of involvement w/the Indy 500 and sprit cars. He was a skilled car builder who also built his own OHC engines.
  11. Richard: I did a bit of research for you in our archives and found the four advertisements seen here in trade magazines of the 1901-03 period.
  12. We have been to the Millers at Milwaukee meet and have participated with a couple of different cars in the past. All of you should try to make it one day, as you can see from the great post that Bill has put together it is special.....And the bratwurst are the BEST.
  13. Thanks.... It's GREAT we ran it on The Old Motor also.
  14. The 2013 Elegance at Hershey: As befits a concours held in a town whose name is synonymous with collectible cars, “The Elegance” at Hershey always attracts some fine automobiles. This year’s event certainly lived up to the high standards of previous years. Visit with us to see coverage of the event by Matthew Little Automotive Photography on The Old Motor.
  15. Good luck, I was fortunate to be able to drive the tour last year for a friend in Mercer Raceabout we take care of and show it for him at the Concours. If you get the chance do both as they are world class events.
  16. Mike I just did a search through periodicals and was unable to find any advertising for the company. If the IMS museum has any good period or present day photos of the car, we will do an article on it on The Old Motor for you. Our many readers area very resourceful and maybe someone will know of one.
  17. "Stayed tuned in" as they used to say, as we will have a feature post on The Old Motor all about Herschell-Spillman that contains many great images.
  18. Gary, The only ads I could find for 1914 were repeats of the earlier ones. The first photo from The Motor shows and article about a new three piece piston they developed. The last article tells of the coming of the firms new V-8.
  19. Gary, I found one ad from December 1912. The second one is dated February 1913. The large third ad is dated March 1913.
  20. If you are interested in learning more about the Locomobile, you can find close to 75 photos of the marque, all the way from the early steam days through the racing period (Old 16 above) and finally ending with the large Model 48 as seen below on The Old Motor.
  21. Thanks for an interesting post !!
  22. Here is the photo that he linked to seen below. On The Old Motor we have many photos of speedsters and in our pre war auto racing section you are sure to find many more.
  23. Here is a neat Stutz Bearcat photo for you Stutz fans, that was taken in Texas the Jim Hogg County Courthouse in Hebbronville. As always all the details can be found on The Old Motor.
  24. Just as folks here have mentioned the photo is the real thing and not faked, the dog moved it's head. The Mercer Raceabout is the real thing also and one of the house favorites at The Old Motor. Stop by and learn all about the legendary Mercer Raceabout.