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  1. Best Automobile Portrait. 1st. stude8. Tincher Limousine. 2nd. drwatson. Stevens-Duryea.
  2. Most Entertaining 1st. StanleyRegister. Stanley climbing the roof. 2nd. mlongfield. Auburn Speedster getting airborn. 3rd. wilsonsk. Man muging with house moving truck. 4th. twin6. Men digging out an automobile.
  3. Best person or people with an automobile. 1st. festanley. Two men in a Underslung. 2nd. twin6. Man with dog and gun. 3rd. Paul Dobbin. His Father and his Model A. Note: in posting this something went wrong with the pictures and even after deleteing the same thing happens again.
  4. Best Gas Station or Garage. To TG57Roadmaster, for the wonderful photo of the Gibson Bros. Garage.
  5. Best Professional Photos. 1st. FotoFan. Hartford Connecticut's Jumbo. 2nd. South-paw. Mopar crankshafts and assembly. 3rd. South-paw. Truck filled with tires.
  6. Our second set of winners will be for Best Children. 1st. Steve_Heald. Child in a BrownieKar. 2nd. keiser31. His father in law on a radiator. 3rd. MochetVelo. Child in a Citroen toy car
  7. And just like most things, the only constant is change. T-Head changed the awards already. So our first is Best Motorcycle. 1st. MCHinson. A man with his two children. 2nd. 28Chrysler. A boy on his racing bike. 3rd. ModelTNick. His dad and his bike.
  8. The time for the major announcement you have all been waiting for is here. And before I go on I would like to thank the Madison Radio Shop for sending over their Norge Sound Car for the grand occasion. And the big announcement is that first we want to thank all of you for helping make is thread what is with all of the photos you have sent in. For without your help none of this would not be possible. Next I am announcing that the Benevolent Dictator of this thread, T-Head, is going to have regular photo contests when he feels here have been enough great photos sent in. He and his guys in his s
  9. Early collector - NYC mechanic Charlie Stich working on Alex Ulmans Mercer before WWII.
  10. F.W. Leland practicing before one of the Briarcliff road races in NY. The Stearns looks to be a 30/60 HP model......one of the best cars of the day.
  11. My last colorized shot, a dealer handout photo of a Federal Truck with the dealer tag.
  12. Another early colorized photo of a pre Model T Ford ? The happy owner is posing out in front of the neighborhood garage for the photog. Only the body, brass and wheels were colored.
  13. An early colorized photo found in upstate NY. Only the front of the car is colored dark green w/burgundy spokes. Very handsome 40 HP sized Demi Tonneau.
  14. This Shorpy photo from the Washington DC. area looks like what it like outside of our shop in the snowy Northeast today.
  15. This a Gordon Watney Special, he was a very well know dealer - racer in England. He built and raced mostly large chain drive specials some of which were aero engined and built on double chain drive Mercedes chassis. Many of these creations were raced on the famous Brooklands track before 'its' demise during WWII. This special is incredible, read the description in the ad.
  16. Look at these two racers....... a pair of Model T based dirt track cars which look to be very professional. I wonder just what is going on in this scene ? Were they covered overnight and it blew off ? The car in the rear has a overhead valve head, not sure about the front one.
  17. A great photo that shows why they won the NY to Paris race in 1908. They followed the rules and were sportsman. The Thomas in arriving in Alaska, what a great image, study the faces.
  18. First off Happy New Year to everyone and thanks so much for supporting this new thread and sending in some wonderful photos. Keep them coming and let's see if we build this into a wonderful archive of pre WWII photos that everyone can enjoy. Can anyone help identify this 1911 - 14 Mercer Racing car ? It is one of two things, either a 24 Hr. endurance racer or possibly a desert racer. The 24 Hr. Races were popular at the time and held on dirt tracks. The Desert races were mostly from LA and ran east non stop thru the night. The add on search light has a lever so the navigator could swivel it an
  19. I was talking with a nice old guy at the Mercer Reunion last summer and he had a copy of this photo which he said was taken on Jacksonville Beach Fla. I believe it is a 1913 -14 Mercer 35-J which has been fitted with a custom racing body and hood. Can anyone identify this car ? Who is the driver ? What year ? Where speed events run on that beach also ? Look at the choice of a number !
  20. Keiser......Great photos !! Your grandmother had good taste and must have proud of both the car and the beautiful coat. The car I believe instead of being a LaSalle is 1929 Cadilliac my very favorite car from the classic era. Both of those makes from 1927-29 being styled by Harley Earl in my eye are just wonderful to look at. Thanks for sharing.
  21. Another favorite photo. A typical of the period speedster evidently made up by these fellows. I believe it is a small early Peerless and I would venture a guess that they constructed it the building behind it as the glass door window is lettered Office - Garage. They either were not to very fussy or were in a hurry as there is no front hubcap on it which is exposing the bearing to dirt !!!
  22. Walkers Garage Part II: The photo of the limo is I believe a Rochet - Schnider and I would guess that it is from the 1905-10 era. If it is one it was made in France and was a very quality marque and must have cost the Walkers a large sum as it was a very expensive and high quality automobile. They picked people up at the train station and delivered them to the Mt. Equinox Hotel which still exists. I am also told by the historical society there that they would rent out the car w/a driver for tours of the area which is very scenic. The second photo is the sign off of the garage that is one of my
  23. This is a photo of Walkers garage in Manchester Vt. circa 1926. The town has been a vacation town since the RR came there being so attractive and surrounded by mountains. The Walkers had a farm there that they sold to President Lincoln's son and moved to the depot in the 1880s. They first sold bicycles and then brought the first car in town and gave visitors tours of the area. I will post the a neat photo of the car later along with the sign that I have on my shop wall. If you have any great photos please post them and hopefully we can get this thread to become something wonderful. Thanks, T-
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