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  1. This photo is labeled Charles Joy, it has the look of a very early steamer, it appears to be a Loco or Stanley and it sure looks like he has been putting it thru it's paces.
  2. Who can identify this good sized 1904-06 rear entrance tonneau. They sure look like they were enjoying what was called the motoring craze back then. It appears like it maybe be a four cyl. double chain drive
  3. A fully accessorized 1905 Tourist, check out the size of that horn! It is a rear entrance tonneau with a nice set of picnic baskets on the side. They were manufactured in Los Angeles during the time of 1902-10.
  4. A wonderful photo taken circa 1903 of Oscar Bergstrom and friends. The Penge Automobile Co. was on 3rd street in Minneapolis. The center automobile looks like a Cadillac and the one right maybe be an Autocar.
  5. Let's go to Luchows today, they have a great buffet. Photo 1939.
  6. Great job Fotofan......Here are a few more.
  7. The big one, a Pierce-Arrow Model 66, 825 CI, mid to late teens. With a polished hood and offered by a dealer named Max Arnold.
  8. You have to get all that mud off somehow.
  9. A little of this, a little of that..........
  10. And our last garage of the day...... a very professional Packard Dealer shop doing a valve job on a 1930-31 model. One man is working on the valve seats, the other is grinding the valves on a valve grinder. The workbench behind them has a cylinder boring bar on it which makes it a very well equipped shop. This could possibly be a factory service photo.
  11. This looks like a capable, shop plus they have a forge and welding equipment towards the back.
  12. Garage number five of the day, these guys look a little tough I don't think I'd mess with them.
  13. Let's go over and see the guys at the Corner Garage and see how they are coming on the brake job on the old bus.
  14. Let's go to Anton Henderickson's Radiator Shop this afternoon.
  15. Today for lunch we are going to the Pioneer Cafe in Grand Coulee, Washington. And if you have any teeth problems you can get it taken care of next door after lunch and it won't hurt at all, guaranteed.
  16. The Lincoln Service Station mid 20's.
  17. Today I am going to do some garages. Let's start with Thompson Motor Service, who in addition to general repairing also were blacksmiths and did welding. This is generally where the first mechanical repairs were preformed early on, at the village blacksmith shop.
  18. Nancy.... They are wonderful, thanks for sending them and please send more.
  19. This photograph is another racer I would like to identify. The photo was taken in the San Diego area and I believe that it maybe a twenties desert racer. It looks like a production car turned into a racer but I cannot place it. It could have also been run at Pikes Peak. You may know what it is based on the lettering on the hood which appears to read ...... 6-66 special.
  20. If you are of that mind it might be the time for a beer. At the left is a refrigerated semi, possibly pulled by a mid 30's IHC. The center truck I believe is also an IHC and it is from Labatt's Winnipeg Branch. The last truck according to Fotofan is a huge Sterling, it was loaded with two tanks that were going to a brewery in Wisconsin.
  21. A late teens or early twentys Kissel Truck just loaded at the shippers depot.
  22. Triplets and a 1920 Haynes, one armed and dangerous. The second photo is a side view of the same sporty roadster with the top up.
  23. A very sporty mid 20's Pierce-Arrow with a California Top and added strips on the back of the body. It appears to be a new car that maybe the body builder or trimmer who made the top had finished and photographed before it left. The dealer would have added the spare and maybe a rack on the back along with a trunk.
  24. And to finish off the day, let's go see the Goodyear Blimp at the airport on the way back into the city.
  25. T-Head, the Benovelent Dictators Favorite photos. 1st. ChrisPaulsen. Young women sitting in a Velie Racy Type. 2nd. twin6. Jack McGee in his Old's Limited. Again thanks to all of you for sending in photos and we will do this again in the future, so send in as many of the best photos as you can. Best Regards, T-Head.