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  1. Oh how they used to make fun of Tin Lizzy in Her days.
  2. Who can tell us more about this very custom Cunningham with the wild paint and the cape top? I have heard that it was used in a movie and I am hoping that one of you out there can enlighten us.
  3. A 1917 Locomobile that I believe is a Model 38 judging by the length of the hood. It is a custom body by the Seaman Body Co.
  4. Great photo of the workers at a garage in Israel. I am guessing that their speciality was Dodge.
  5. I think that we should all give stude8 a standing ovation for the wonderful job he did on the Studebaker racing story at Indy!!!!!!! I also think that we should appoint him to be a Head Chairman of all things Studebaker on this thread. And of coarse this means he have to keep us entertained with more features. Keep up the great work stude8 and fill us in on more of the great Studebaker story!!!!!
  6. This is a nice photo of the start of an endurance tour of some form in Minneapolis. Unfortunately the men are in front of most of the cars but we do have a good look at #3 a Lozier Briarcliff touring.
  7. While we are on big things, take a look at these two. They are labeled 1930 Federals.
  8. A very unique bus and truck that was probably the tire shops dream. I do not know much about trucks and buses but this pair really caught my eye. All that I know is that the photo was taken in San Francisco and they must be from the mid twenties thru the mid thirties. I hope that there is someone out there that can enlighten us.
  9. And for our final Freaky Friday Lunch Special, the Standard Steel Tank Car. This was built during WW1 on an unknown chassis.
  10. Two women inside of a plexiglass 1940 Pontiac show car. This car still exists today.
  11. More of freaky Friday, an English Rocket man.
  12. This photo is labeled beach, it looks like someone had a slight miscalculation.
  13. Moving day came to a standstill quickly.
  14. Why, it's Mr. Potato going off to market......
  15. Thanks Larry, I would like to take this opportunity to ask more people to get involved submitting photos. We are all looking forward to seeing whatever gems you have. We need your help to keep this thread going. Thanks, T-Head
  16. This Metz roadster is evidently involved in some type of contest or tour in Minnesota ( I think it was an AAA Reliability Tour) as indicated by the fifteen on the radiator. I love the action involved in this photo and also the fact that horses could help an automobile go somewhere it could not on it's way to totally replacing them.
  17. I found this photo the other day which is related to the set of photos of 1938 Plymouth factory shots. This shows the press in its entirety for stamping the one piece tops that we looked at a week or so ago. I have seen similar sized presses in a factory in the past that made parts for the big three back when they where actually that in the late 60's and they are very impressive in operation. My dad was a tool & die and my brother is still in the field. They worked for a company in Waterbury, Conn. called Anchor Fastener that made stampings for the automakers and had a building the size of
  18. Here is a nice set of four Packard assembly line photos. The second photo looks like possibly 1937 115 or 120 line. The last two photos appear to be a senior series line from perhaps 1940. I am sure some 30's Packard expert can tell us more and also something about the body line in the first photo.
  19. A couple of Fords' loaded with accessories, the left being a 1932 five window Model B with more than enough gee gaw's on it. The right one being a 1933-34 Tudor with after market wheels, skirts and mud flaps.
  20. Clever marketing is nothing new.
  21. Today for lunch let's go to coffee shop at the National Hotel up ahead on the left. I hear they have great soup and sandwiches. Photo taken in 1932.
  22. Photo of Gable in his Duesenberg which if I remember correctly he had restyled in CA. It still exists and took best of show at Amelia Island in 2008. Note: Thanks Packard32 for letting me know. That means the photo is post 1941 so I deleted it.
  23. This is a 1909 Durocar which was another automobile that was manufactured in Los Angeles between 1907 and 1911. This car had a two cylinder engine and a two speed planetary transmission and in 1910 they also made a four. This photo was taken in San Diego during 1909.
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