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  1. And yet more kids in what I think may be a 1903-05 Pope Toledo
  2. More kids...... These two are lucky to be in this beautiful and big Stoddard Dayton
  3. On the way back from downtown I want to go over to Retreads shop and pick up the tires he did for the old truck. Then we can go next door to Speedy Sam's to get a new cable and call it an afternoon.
  4. Maybe Wally Campbell will let us that Chevy Coupe downtown for a test drive and then we can go shopping.
  5. After the Fairgrounds let's go look at a Chevy coupe the Wally Campbell called me about. He said it only has 12,000 miles on it and it's clean and loaded, it might be a good winter car. I get tired of these drafty convertibles.
  6. After we get some gas let's stop by the Fairgrounds and watch them practice for tonight's show.
  7. When we leave the airport I want to stop at this gas station around the corner that has unbelievable service.
  8. Today for lunch let's go to the new Pan American Airways building at the new Los Angeles Airport. There is a great lunch place there and then we can check out the planes afterwards. Photo from 1939
  9. The first car to reach Miami Beach, Florida. It has the appearance of being from around 1910 so the press clipping date maybe wrong. I suspect after looking at a larger size photo that this maybe a 1910 Mercer with a non standard custom double bucket body (four seats).
  10. Chris, In the third photo, the engine, radiator and maybe the frame appear to be from a model 16 of 17 Buick from 1909-10, note the overhead valves. The rest is anyones guess as it looks like a four wheel drive made up from components.
  11. Nice Olds, I believe it is a 1911-12 Autocrat speedster or race car which is very well done. Do you know anything more about it Steve?
  12. The chief is on the scene and has called in a second alarm. All of Hudson's trucks are on the streets so the Underwriters Insurance Co. is sending in their early high speed American La France truck with the vacuum cup tires for high speed from the big city next door. Simplex designed this truck for them and it goes like the wind it is old but very fast. The boys from West Hudson are hurrying to get their ALF ready and are oiling the chains and the valve guides for the trip as they had a bad fire last night. A finally the Coppers are sending over their Patrol truck with sandwiches and coffee a
  13. Red alert...... we just got a report of an out of control fire in downtown Hudson Minnesota and the boys are calling out all the stops and taking all the trucks. We are hoping you fire truck experts can tell us all about what they are rolling out of the station. Photo from 1939.
  14. Could you please park closer to the fire hydrant next time dear?
  15. And for my final monday lunch special I am going to trump twin6 and his two Winton's. He and I are both here in snowy cold Vermont and I am going to raise him by three Pierce-Arrows in sunny and warm California. All are mid teens the last two probably model 38's with California Tops.
  16. Would you buy a used car from these guys?
  17. A big hello from the 1932 Essex Women.
  18. After we go to the Happy Landing, I want to stop at that junk yard next to the factory. I spied what looks like a custom bodied, close coupled convertible sedan that looks to be salvageable. It is yellow and the top looks good plus it has a nice trunk on the back. I heard that it is a good Buick that a Doctor from the big city left here in town because he burnt the clutch out. I think we can fix it there and but some tires on it and drive it home. A little paint and we can have a nice car for vacation trips.
  19. On the way back from fishing I have to take you to this neat gas station called The Happy Landing. The pumps are under the wings of the plane on each side and the rest rooms and office are inside, I think you will enjoy it. Photo 1936.
  20. Today we are going to watch the rest of the parade here in Kerrville TX. Afterwards we can then grab a sandwich at the coffee shop in the Blue Bonnet Hotel. After lunch let's take a quick trip over to Freer TX and stop at the City Hall and get a fishing license and go fishing there. Photos labeled 1940 and 1937.
  21. Paul, I would guess that it is a 1912 Overland. Best T-Head
  22. Chris.......please treat us to more photos. Many Thanks, T-Head
  23. The Monday morning hustle and bustle in Los Angeles on Santa Fe & Olympic. Photo 1936
  24. For my last post I thought this would fit in as Stude8 has shown us photos of him racing Studebakers. Cliff Bergere was a very talented driver with a great career. This photo shows him in his Model A Duesenberg.
  25. I don't think we should mess with her.
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