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  1. Probably the original PreWWII Photo Thread before he changed it.....
  2. Here are some good photos of some early garages.
  3. No time for a sit down lunch today so I think we will stop into Meads and buy some fruit.
  4. No time for a sit down lunch today so I think I will stop into Meads and by some fruit.
  5. You are right and just behind it is a Silver Ghost Rolls. T-H
  6. The Oldsmobile Limited Roadsters are coming out of the woodwork. I found this one in a park like setting and I think it originated with Olds as the photo is marked by them under the running board. Photo dated April 12, 1910 which would lead me to believe it was not taken in Michigan as I do not think the foliage would be developed so much by that date so far north. Compare with post # 571 a few days ago.
  7. Let's start the morning with the tow to beat all tow tucks back in that time...... none other than Big Bertha. Is this a custom built truck? Or can you identify the brand? Really study it...... This is quite a truck. Photo from 1940
  8. Behind the wheel in a Mercer based racing car.
  9. With a Roamer Dusenberg Racing car.
  10. With a beautiful La Salle club sedan wearing a gorgeous coat.
  11. The V-12 Cadillac show models.
  12. A couple of car hops in sunny California.
  13. In England during WWI working on a Daimler and driving funny little cars with their dogies.
  14. With a Crosley and at the drive in.
  15. I'm not kidding cause I will send the Coppers after you also.
  16. After the peanut gallery erupted yesterday afternoon with photos of a bunch of kids with cars I thought today I would do women and cars. At the auto show, at the beach or wherever they are having fun with cars. I am going to start out at the 1941 NY Worlds Fair with models and cars. So sports fans let's do women and cars but keep it clean or my keyboard with come beat yours up and kick you out of the club house and you will not be able to play with us anymore. Best, T-Head
  17. Today for our lunch special we are going to this gorgeous little town that is the height of elegance. I'm sure as we slog thru the mud we can find some greasy spoon to have lunch at. I will make it up to all of you after we eat, I promise, a special show is coming.
  18. It's still snowing so I decided to go somewhere warm. Our intrepid travelers are in the best automobile of the day. A circa 1905 Mercedes double chain drive with a huge set of front sprockets for really moving along. This car has it all, great lamps, fenders, baskets and a nice top. As twin6 always says, I think I could make room for this in my garage. Who can translate for us? I assume they are viewing a mosque in the Middle East. Note: Twin6 our very own in house translator got so warmed up by this desert scene, he says this; Probably translates to “middle of Persia (Iran), in front of the m
  19. F&J....... You may enjoy this I have good photo of one of those cabs in my files. Best, T-H
  20. This photo shows the examining crew looking over this car entered in a Glidden Tour. I don't know what year but from judging by the large size of the tire I would guess it is early. From what I have read in the past they checked cars over to make sure the entrants were playing by the rules. Let us know if you can identify the automobile.
  21. OK this is the last straw.....go back to work kids......
  22. No more kidding around...... everybody go back to work !!!!!!
  23. And kids in their own cars.
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