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  1. This patent drawing in NOT the one you are looking for, but if you follow the link (below) and once there, click on the purple "Pines Winterfront Company" link (as you see in the second photo below) it will take you to all of the Company's patents and perhaps you can find what you need there. https://www.google.com/patents/US1938929?dq=%22Pines+Winterfront+Company%22&hl=en&sa=X&ei=dAtGVcWNGYfHsAXfwYGACA&ved=0CEcQ6AEwBg
  2. Stop by and visit the brand new TheOldMotor.com and enter The 1948 Mustang in the search box to view an article filled with photos and information about the interesting car.
  3. If you enjoy photos of old garages and dealerships, the three photos below show you just a small sampling of the 77 pages filled with photos of them that you can find on The Old Motor.
  4. I was able to find this advertisement for the company, which was found in the Automotive Industries June 25, 1925 issue.
  5. Richard: I did a bit of research for you in our archives and found the four advertisements seen here in trade magazines of the 1901-03 period.
  6. Mike I just did a search through periodicals and was unable to find any advertising for the company. If the IMS museum has any good period or present day photos of the car, we will do an article on it on The Old Motor for you. Our many readers area very resourceful and maybe someone will know of one.
  7. Here is the photo that he linked to seen below. On The Old Motor we have many photos of speedsters and in our pre war auto racing section you are sure to find many more.
  8. Probably the original PreWWII Photo Thread before he changed it.....
  9. Here are some good photos of some early garages.
  10. No time for a sit down lunch today so I think we will stop into Meads and buy some fruit.
  11. No time for a sit down lunch today so I think I will stop into Meads and by some fruit.
  12. You are right and just behind it is a Silver Ghost Rolls. T-H
  13. The Oldsmobile Limited Roadsters are coming out of the woodwork. I found this one in a park like setting and I think it originated with Olds as the photo is marked by them under the running board. Photo dated April 12, 1910 which would lead me to believe it was not taken in Michigan as I do not think the foliage would be developed so much by that date so far north. Compare with post # 571 a few days ago.
  14. Let's start the morning with the tow to beat all tow tucks back in that time...... none other than Big Bertha. Is this a custom built truck? Or can you identify the brand? Really study it...... This is quite a truck. Photo from 1940
  15. Behind the wheel in a Mercer based racing car.
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