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  1. Hello Curt, I just found out that you are also member of the AACA. I don't know if you received my emails in response on your offer for the amph, but I'm waiting for more info on the car, pics, etc. Regards, Jacques
  2. Hello, Thank you for the tip, but one starts at US$ 48,975,00 and the another one is only the shell for US$ 6,995,00. Well, no other solution, just keep waiting for an honest deal to come up... Thanks anyway.
  3. Looking for one amphicar to buy and restore. Leads to who may have one seated on the backyard just rusting will be very appreciated too! Thanks! 4wheeler
  4. Hello ! Could you help me to find an Amphicar to restore ? my email is engesa4@hotmail.com Thanks ! Jacques
  5. Hello there, The amphicar is still available ? The price is negotiable ? my email for the reply is engesa4@hotmail.com Tks