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  1. I like it the best because it is so rare and people of all ages realy like it, from young to old. Plus the way it handles and drives ,sits , looks ,and power. The car I have is fully loaded all electric ,white interior , Silver Body with a white vinyl top, stock wheels. NO rips or tears, also has the original glass bottle for the washer fluid.

    I will be putting pictures up as soon as the snow melts some!!!

    I also have a street rod Mustang GT Year 1

    I have had 67 Ford Farlane ,51 5 window pickup,66 dodge GT , 66 chevy pickup,67 chevelle , it gos on and on!!!!

    But the Riv. is my Favorite!!!!! By far!!!!!!!

    I have had it for some time I just never new you guys were here I have looked all over the internet and just last night found you all.

    Thank God . there are things I will need help with . and I am going to join the club!!!!

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