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  1. Ashley, I had that same problem and found out that my pictures were too large (too many pixels). Also, don't know if you saw the posts I put on your other thread under General Discussion. One on what 70 Years of Buick says about your hearse and the other was what Funeral Cars and Ambulances since 1900 had to say about it. Darryll
  2. I went to your home and looked at the pictures, nice car. Just wanted to correct one of your facts listed, there were only 527 of the model 51c built. The 51c and 56c were mid year releases, there fore there was not a full years production. Not sure what the 7 designates, haven't seen that one before. Just curious, are you selling it or keeping it?
  3. Here is the shot of it in Seventy Years of Buick. Good shot of the rear. I love the way the doors are hidden in the scroll work. Darryll
  4. According to American Funeral Cars & Ambulances Since 1900, they were built on an extended 40 series chassis. I've included a scan of the page below. Hope you can save it, you don't see many of these beauties. Darryll
  5. It looks like the missing models are the Super and Roadmaster convertibles and that would be because they didn't come out until mid year. Great piece!
  6. If you need their live forum for online advice, it is: Pilot-House.com Forum - www.P15-D24.com These guys are a wealth of information Darryll
  7. Spanky, These trucks are part of the era that is lovingly called a Dodge Pilothouse truck and I would urge you to visit Welcome to the Dodge Pilothouse Truck Club This web site has great information and lots of tech manuals on line. They also have a forum and can help with a lot of areas. Great trucks, I have a 1949 Dodge B1B 1/2 ton. Darryll
  8. Yea that seems a bit steep if it's rough. You going to Mena this weekend? Darryll Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Pat, Welcome to the forum! You should be able to get some answers here. My best advise would be to join the Buick Club of America (BCA). You can click on the link at the forums page. Our new directory is about to come out and it lists all members and what make of car they have. You also get a monthly magazine called the Bugle. It has ads and articles on members cars. We just finished our national meet in Danvers Massachusetts (go to Danver Mass Pictures under Buick General Discussion. Hey would love to see some pics of your car, sound wonderful! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Oops, that sent before I got the msg on it. Thanks for the quick response John. In the post prior to this one I have the link to the thread where I showed the data plate and Dave told me that it was produced in April of 1940. Unfortunately there is no paperwork on what the special order was. At Danvers I gave Doug Seybold a copy of it and he is checking into it. I need to get a picture of the piece I'm talking about. It looks like a plate was welded vertically on the cross piece at the rear of the car. It has been cut off with a torch. Will try to do that this week. Darryll
  11. http://forums.aaca.org/f165/trim-style-break-out-1940-buick-274026.html?highlight=trim+paint+code
  12. I have a 1940 Buick 51-C Special Order and have been trying to figure out what is different about it to make it a special order. I noticed that it has welded plates under the rear that look like a trailer hitch was attached at one time. Would that have made it a special order? Does anyone have a copy of what the special order paperwork looked like? Thanks Darryll Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Here's the page from "70 Years of Buick" This one is a little off center. It didn't give production numbers either. Darryll
  14. Hey 61 flxible, According to the book "American Funeral Cars and Ambulances Since 1900" When Flexible strarted producing professional cars again in 1959 they introduced the Flexette, which was a short wheelbase professional car. In 1961 the Flexible was built on an extended Electra Chassis and the Flexible Flexette was built on a standard Electra Chassis. I scanned the page on 1961 Flexible, hope you can read it. I also have 70 Years of Buick and it might have production numbers. Don't know if you can read the page, but it also talks about features that were available. It also looks like there were several models of the full size as well as the short wheelbase. Hope this helps. Darryll
  15. Sorry Dave, if it was there I didn't see it! Wish I had! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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