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  1. Bad news, the block is junk, as are the heads. Sooooo, we're looking for a new block and heads, also need a front cover and oil pan. Or, just a whole motor that's known to be a good core!
  2. Do you have their number?
  3. We're going to look into having splayed bolt main caps installed in the block as well. Need to get the block torn down and do some actual measuring to see what we can modify and what can't be done.
  4. Hi Guys. I haven't been on here in a while, but Rich F. and Jack Vines will probably remember me. Anywho, I've finally sold a guy on using a 374 V8, and we're going to supercharge it. Once we get the transmission adapter worked out, we'll be putting a TKO600 up to the back of it. I'm also working on manufacturing 700R4 transmissions that will be BOLT IN with any of the V8 cars. We'll be running a GMC 8:71 supercharger on it, with 6 Strombergs on top. Should be quite a hoot once it's done. I'm sure Rich will get tired of me asking him questions about the internals on the motor. Ray Gun
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