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  1. I own a couple newer vehicles that are very seldom driven (probably a half dozen times a year) simply because they are limited editions and we get snow over six months a year. Currently I noticed that the chassis and some of the engine components on my truck are experiencing excessive rust (note it’s just the chassis not the body that’s rusting). I contribute this to the relatively damp and not well sealed garage that I store it in. I was wondering if any classic car owners that store their vehicles for long periods have any experience with a corrosion protection system (cathodic, anodic or otherwise) that actually works and doesn’t cost a fortune. I have disconnected the battery cause I hear this may contribute to the problem. I realize that a good cleaning and paint is the answer here but I don’t have the money or facility to complete this and I don’t have the option of moving either to another storage building. I guess I’m just looking for a way to slow this process down on my truck and prevent it from occurring on my car that is currently rust or corrosion free. Thanks for the help
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