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  1. I've had my '38 for over 25 years now.. collecting NOS spares for all that time.. I've found a lot..but always looking for more.. Please if you have factory spares for this truck and are considering selling.. call me ! I particularly need a really good tailgate Thank you
  2. can someone identify the vehicle that would have used a trafficator manufactured by a company named limeta? i have looked everywhere without success. :confused:
  3. Hi folks well I am still looking ..have found a number of rare bits..but there are a few which just don't seen to appear..anyone got some NOS hubcaps,a top grille badge,an interior dome light, or either front fender support brackets? Getting there!..please help if you can thank you.
  4. Hi Larry if in your travels you come across anything that you feel may be of interest to me please drop me a note or better still phone me @ 1-250-415-1158.. Thank you
  5. I wish ! I have a CDN built PU (express) from the serial # I believe it is possibly the last surviving example which uses the side mounted spare.. there was a mid year model change somewhere around 12 ser |#s after mine where the spare went under the box. I have been collecting literally anything I can find for it NOS for 14 years now ,so am beginning to actually put two new pieces together, but still have quite a way to go. It is my desire to restore it to original,. This is my first domestic vehicle restoration,having done the British stuff for years. Its ser # is 8913373. I have the history of the truck back to 1973.. and probably could go further from the records, just haven't bothered. It seems to have lived much of its life in the Pacific Northwest so suffers from minimal rust. just hard work and neglect I am enjoying the process.. but am finding that I now have all the readily available stuff for it.. now looking for the hard stuff to find. Don't mind paying a fair $$ if I can get the bits I need.. One thing I do need.. is four NOS con rods pn 1112764. I have a NOS crank and two only rods. Also a pair of NOS valve covers for the T58 long block.
  6. Hi Larry all I got is a pile of boxes!.. with a few bit sticking out... know the feeling?
  7. I believe I have 1 side of the grille nos..any use?
  8. I have owned this truck since 1996 and am slowly amassing enough pieces to begin the rebuilding to original the serial # is 8913373 it is an express body I am looking for whatever I can find NOS to do this one right! in particular I should like to find hubcaps, an interior mirror,and the correct Dodge Brothers grill emblem (I have the crankhole cover and ram) I should like to find a good pair of headlight buckets. I have the correct T58 series long block for it but still need the valve covers, and a NOS 6V horn ( ideally a twin) I also am looking for the correct front and rear licence carriers. Can someone guide me regarding the tool kit? photos? all help will be enthuiastically received. Thank you