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  1. Hi Everyone Needed: I'm in need of the center console lock set for a 1963 chev s s if anyone has one to sell please contact me. I would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!
  2. Thanks Joe for the print, now let me ask you if it is a Pontiac motor will the cereal number be at the same place but the numbers are different. I would think if both motors are made by G M would not the holes for a/c comp. be the same? Thanks Joe you came through again. Have good day!!
  3. Hi Everyone: I'm looking for a center console lock set for a 1963 impala s s. If anyone has one to sell please contact me. Thanks guys and keep cruising!
  4. Thanks Joe for your input I'm going to have to locate the cereal number just to be sure but you pointed me in the right direction. Now all I need is the location of the block number. Thanks again and keep on cruising!
  5. Joseph44

    trailing arms

    Thanks Mark really appreciate your advice. Have a great wk/nd.
  6. Hi everyone Question :I want to put a/c in my 76 442 can anyone tell me if the olds 455ci motor and the 455ci Pontiac motor if the blocks are the same. I don't know which motor is in the 442 so what I need to know is do they both take the same brkts with the same bolt pattern I'm talking about the compressor brkt. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Happy cruising. ,
  7. Joseph44

    trailing arms

    Hi Everyone haven't been on for a year/half, hope all are well: Question I'm replacing my trailing arms on my impala do I have to adjust the arms to more or less center the axle? right now with my skirts on the driver side right at the skirt locking latch the hub cap is so close when you make a left turn the hub cab rubs the lock but on a straight away it don't hit. Now on the right side I have a space of 4" from hub to skirt lock. If anyone can help me with this problem I would be greatly appreciated. Take care and happy cruising.
  8. Thanks Digger914 I'll try them sites.
  9. Hi Everyone long time absent Question:I have a 83 prk ave trying to restore I put all new a/c in then found out my touch control don't work. I tried a unit from e-bay didn't, I was told later you can not interchange this part must be vehical specific. My question did anyone else have this problem and what did they do to get the a/c working. I hope I didn't come all this way to find out I won't have a/c. Any help would be greatly appreciated I don't know what to do now. Please help if you can have a great week and a safe one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Thanks Joe for your help I have a high torque starter in it as of 6mon ago I also put a rebuilt chrome starter in at that time. What would u recommend? I thought about pulling the starter and having it check, I don't think I have a bad altenator as i'm running at 13/14 amps.I'm starting to get paranoid about going anywhere never know when she won't start. Please let me know what you would recommend! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again Joe for your help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Hi Everyone: Need some good help and I know you guys can give it: Question I have a 1976 442 with the 455 motor, there is a high torq starter in 6 mon old I put a new alternator in, and just recently a new batt. These are all 6mon old. For some reason when the car is hot and turned off 15 min later it will not start until it cools downto approx. 168 deg. Now in the opg parts catalog they said that olds had hot start problems and they have a solenoid to fix that problem. When I'm running I show between 13/14 amps on my guage. but if I try to start the car my batt goes dead. I have dual fans mounted 1 air in 2 air out.when I turn the car off the fans run for 15/30 min.the temp I run at is 210/230. If someone can help with this I would be greatly appreciated. Hope this is enough info everyone have a great wk!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Hi Guys: Need help I'm restoring a 83 buick electra prk ave my a/c won't work does anyone know of anybody that can repair the dash unit. We have looked at everything and decided it has to be the dash touch control. If that don't work what are my alterntives. Any help would be greatly appreciated. P S the whole a/c is new.
  13. Joseph44

    Dimming lites

    Thanks sambarn: But there is no a/c, no stero nothing that would pull high amperage. I appreciate the help though and thank you!!!
  14. Joseph44

    Dimming lites

    Thank you very much 37_Roadmaster_C I really appreciate the schematic. Thanks again!!!
  15. Joseph44

    Dimming lites

    Thanks for your help Rusty_OToole I will look Thanks again!!!