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  1. What i meant is that we have nothing, no chassis, no body, no interior every inch of the car will be built by me and my father! we plan to either fiberglass or shape and form the metal to create every single car part on on it! We need to build fenders, bonnet, boot, doors, chassis, the cab of the car, then the interior, seats, dash, floor interior of doors, etc etc... We plan to from nothing at all build a whole Lincoln Zephyr 1939 coupe! Hope that that helps to clear up what i need, and what i plan on doing! and also thanks for replies guys! Chris
  2. Hey my dad and I are looking for a project to do together, and as i always wanted one we are building this a Lincoln Zephyr 1939 coupe! However we don't want to restore we want to start from scratch and do everything ourselves, yes i know this is a lot of work however it is worth it! What i am looking for as we will be making the body kit etc etc ourselves is a manual or information somewhere that helps give us measurements that we could work off (rather than guess and hope it works, find out its wrong and have three times more work to fix it). or even people who have or do build similar cars that would be able to help my dad and I! By the way i am from Australia, so any shops and such from Australia are preferred, however still interested in American shops, simply because of all the shipping and ordering hassle!
  3. Hey i am a young 19 year old, and i am interested in building a 1939 Lincoln zephyr from the ground up ... i was wondering if anyone could help me determine the size of the chassis used (specifiations, chassis no. etc etc), so i can see where i can get one, if not how i could make one, or even if i could find a similar modern car that would suit the job??:confused: any comments welcome, just keep them positive and thanks a lot!!