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  1. Gents, My friend was very willing and eager to try again. I reset the carburetor to John's recommendations, and was very hopeful. However, the carburetor just drips fuel out of the air-horn and from the mounting flange if I open the petcock on the sight bowl. Once again, I managed to get it to fire a few cylinders, but it just won't kick over and run. Ultimately, I think things got too wet/flooded again, so we'll have to wait. I think a disassembly and inspection of the carb might be in order, and a peek up at the inner heat riser pipe. Any other thoughts? Thanks! -Bruce
  2. Great ideas - hopefully, I can get to the car today and make the changes. Isn't that what Sundays are for, anyway? Attached are a few photos I took of the car yesterday. Thanks! -Bruce
  3. Interesting - the instructions talk about making sure the "heat on" knob is pulled out. I didn't think that had anything to do with running engine - I'll try it. Thanks, -Bruce
  4. Thanks for the tips, John! I think I've attached a picture of the carb - let me know if you think anything is "off". -Bruce
  5. Gents, Well - he did have all of the wiring wrong, so we fixed that. I went over to his house, and found a car with an engine that literally had 3/4" of old oil grime encasing most of the engine. I was informed that the last time this car had run was in the 1950's. It was driven into a garage in North Dakota, and then sat until my friend purchased it, and brought it back to Washington. We did get fuel weeping out of the carb, at its mounting gasket, and also eventually dripping out of the air-filter housing. He had the carb re-built - is this something to look at? I managed to get it to fire, but never run. Playing with the timing advance, it seemed to fire most when the lever was about 2/3rd's of the way toward the "Advance" setting (all the way up) on the steering wheel. I get the sense that we may have flooded it, so we'll let it sit for a while, and re-charge the battery. He also changed the plugs, and the gap looks similar to the old ones that came out. Does anyone know the specs on the gap? My friend was excited when it started to kick over (he's 80-years old), so I'd like to see this through and at least get it running for him. Thanks again, -Bruce
  6. Thanks for the info gents! Having never seen the car, it's good to know about the gravity feed, manual timing control, etc. He said that it is attempting to run, but is back-firing. And, he's not confident with the firing order. So, hopefully I'll just find that he has a couple of wires crossed. Is there anything special with the distributor, or is it a simple clockwise rotation? Thanks again, -Bruce
  7. Hello, I've been asked to help a friend start a 1928 Buick, that's in his garage. He's getting spark, but pretty sure that he doesn't have the wires/firing-order correct. I thought this forum would be a good place to start. So - what is the firing order, and does it vary by model of engine for that year? I haven't even looked at the car yet, but if I need to get more details, I will. Thanks in advance. -Bruce
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