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  1. I am also using a few friends to store everything. Fortunately it's not costing me a lot of money. I would one day like to have everything in one location. That way I don't have to shuffle things around every time I want to work on a car.
  2. I agree with Rusty_OToole. Find a nice alternative such as a Chevelle or Impala for your first project. The parts are readily available whether you need new or used. A new Chevy Crate motor will run around $1800 from the dealer. A Delco reman trans will run around $800. You will have a GM warranty on both so its worth it. Just don't go overboard with speed / horsepower. This will keep your costs down.Have fun with the car for a year or two then sell it and buy another.
  3. I see many owners are using an enclosed trailer for storage. This seems like a versatile way to store a car. Anyone else doing this?
  4. According to MAC's Auto Parts this is the heater core for an early 60's Mustang. Part#C5DZ-18476-A. Hope this helps.
  5. I like your logic! If I sold my four, I could buy eight Crosleys, Austins, or Metropolitans to take their place!
  6. I see that many of you have more than a few cars in your collection. I'm sure many of you have pole barns. For those that don't, where do you keep your vehicles? Are you paying several hundred dollars to a storage facility or are you relying on friends and relatives?
  7. I have a Serial Number and a Vehicle Number tag available for a '48 Plymouth P15. I will also throw in the title and shipping for $20. These items will be listed on the world's largest auction website. See item #261370832313
  8. I used to have a 2002 Chevy 2500HD 6.0L 4x4 which I absolutely loved. I used it to pull both my cars (all weigh 4000 lbs or more) and my 31ft Travel Trailer. In the flat lands of Michigan and Ohio it pulled very well. Once I hit the hills of KY, TN,GA, and PA, things changes very quickly. The truck had to work very hard. Now I have an '08 GMC 3500HD Dually Diesel and I couldn't be happier. My drive are much less stressful. I also get 14 mpg pulling 8000 lbs at 65 mph. Just something to think about. I too love the 3/4 Suburban platform. You can buy the way get a 3/4 Suburban once again. But no
  9. That's funny I just received one of those emails too.
  10. Hi, I am in need of the following parts for a 1971 / 1972 Mercury Monterey Two Door. Passenger Door Passenger Fender A 71/72 Mercury Marquis Two Door will also work. Please forward any leads. Please no more silly scam artists like Fordlover! They created an account on this forum just to try a scam.
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