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  1. i dont have them but i do i just sold the headlamp lenz and the the genny already SORRY!!!!! maybe some around have them yet also tha there no useing
  2. the air filter is a simple set up for a ford 9n it hooks to your air intake by a rubber hose and hose clamped and then there is a canister with the filter in it and then a snorkle that goes up thru the hood with a round cap on it you can pick them up at a tractor supply store or central tractor store. And you should of got your lenz today for your head lamp leave me know if you got it and if its ok thanks john
  3. I got the sarter its seperate then the altern give me 60 bucks plus shipping it yours and im in Pa
  4. hey redshed yes i do got the motor and parts yet can anyone post a picture of the air cleaner for a 25 dodge 4cy thanks John
  5. Ive found my vin number can any one help me translate it and tell me what year and model it was only parts are left is from front of back door and up and motor and trans heres the vin#A 8 3 8 - 8 8 1 found this number on frame rail above the front rear spring hanger on pass side thanks for your help John if possible can some one post a picture of it when you all find out thanks again John:confused::confused:
  6. its in decent condition for sitting seince 1956 in a barn
  7. if any of you dodge brothers owners need parts i got them i got a complete motor and a complete trans thats a 3 speed ?? i will take 250 for it all thats motor and trans of if you have a model a cowl with a tank i will trade for that also im open for ideas here thanks john you can PM me thru the web site ok thanks again John:cool:
  8. i have a original motor thats a flattop 4cyl and a 3 speed trans i dont know to much about these motors i would like to get 250 for it all and it complete motor from top to bottom and the trans is complete also will not sell parts of it if you want something must take all you can email me through this forum sent a pm message thanks John:cool:
  9. mrpinky

    need help

    does the head have the serial# on for the car on a dodge i found a # it starts with a103??? than thers 1025 and then a #6 does this make sencse
  10. mrpinky

    need help

    do you mean the cross member that the motor sit down on and what you mean by driver side front is that the firewall or crossmember thanks john
  11. mrpinky

    need help

    does any one know where i need to lok for a serial number on my 1925 dodge brother so i can title it thanks alot John:confused:
  12. here i go i got 1925 parts for sell i got the wooden spoke wheels and motor that a 4cyl and the 3 speed trans and the rear end all other stuff im keeping this is all original parts for a 25 dodge brothers sedan car thanks John
  13. that lokks like a 1925 dodge brothers sedan just like mine that im stripping down
  14. well lets start off here i got a 1925 dodge brothers sedan im willing to part out i got wood spoke wheels all 4 that are in very good shape and i got the origanal motor that is the flat 4 cyl and the origanal 3 speed trans ans the origanal rear end im building a hat rod out of it and this stuff needs to go im about 60miles north of pittsburg Pa and about 30 mins from youngstown oh
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