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  1. Does anyone know the correct firing order for a 1927 LaSalle 303. The cylinders are numbered (stamped on the heads) from front to back on the left (driver’s side) 1-4-6-3, and on the right (passenger’s side) 8-7-5-2). But I can’t find documentation for the correct firing order anywhere. Any help with this or any other helpful hints in setting up the distributor would be greatly appreciated. Thanks John Micciche
  2. Are you still looking for this? I think I probably have one or more. I purchased several on ebay looking for caps for my '27 LaSalle. If you are still looking, I will search through my spare parts and send you photos of what I find.
  3. I have a problem that I hope someone may be able to help with. The machinist who is rebuilding my motor says that some of the valve spring retainers and keepers are no good, and he has not been able to find those parts anywhere. He sent me two of the good ones to see if we could have them made, but we are finding that that is a much more difficult task than anticipated. does anyone know where I can get valve spring retainers and keepers for a 1927 LaSalle 303 motor. The Cadillac and LaSalle Master Parts List indicates that these parts are the same for many other Cadillacs and LaSalles of that era. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, John Micciche
  4. Can anyone recommend someone to restore the tag on the firewall that has the manufacturer name and vehicle information on it?
  5. I have two spanner wrenches. (photo attached). The smaller one measures 3 ¼ inches across from flat side to flat side. This smaller one fits the #5 Buffalo</ST1:p wire wheels on my 1927 LaSalle. The larger one measures 4 inches across, and I have no idea what it fits. Does anyone know what other cars the smaller one fits, and does anyone know what cars the larger one fits. These wrenches will both be for sale. <O:p</O:p Thanks, John Micciche
  6. I need a spanner wrench for #5 Buffalo wire wheels on my 1927 LaSalle. please email me if you have one or know where I can get one. Thanks, John Micciche
  7. Does anyone know where I should look or who I should contact to find a replacement transmission lock cylinder for my 1927 laSalle. The key code on the cylinder I have is X-82. Any suggestions, advice or help would be greatly appreciated. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p> </o:p> Thanks, John Micciche
  8. Thanks for the reply. Yes, this is the car from RM/Meadowbrook this summer. What does type A and tybp B mean? How do I tell LaSalle wheel from other make? You mentioned having new wheels made. How do I do that? Do I need the central hub to start with, or can someone make the whole thing. What I really want is six chrome plated wheels with stainless spokes. I know it's not "authentic" for a '27, but I think it would look great. I would like to keep this set of powder coated wheels for car shows. I see #6 Buffalo wheels advertised on ebay. the centers are probably good. Could they be used to make new ones? Thanks again.
  9. Attached are 6 photos of wire wheels from my 1927 LaSalle roadster. I have some questions about these wheels. I can’t find any identifying marks on my wheels at all. I believe them to be ffice:smarttags" /><?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:place>Buffalo</ST1:place></st1:City> #5. Are they? I have seen a number of references to Buffalo #5 and #6 and type A and type B. How do you tell them apart? I don’t want to by a new <st1:City><ST1:place>Buffalo</ST1:place></st1:City> wheel that is the right size in inches and find that i’ts supposed to be for a Studebaker or Buick or whatever and won’t fit on my car. <O:p</O:p My tires are Lester 7.0 X 20. The owner’s manual calls for 6.0 X 32. I have seen references to “old numbers” and “new numbers” is that the discrepancy here? <O:p</O:p Only one of the wheels has six of the “bumps” shown in one of the photos. What are these for? <O:p</O:p Any help or additional information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks John Micciche
  10. I'm looking for 20" buffalo wire wheels (or parts) for my 1927 LaSalle. If you could photo any 20" wheels I would be interested.
  11. Here are some possible sources: Garth Carrier 805 688-1828 Peter K. Sanders 703 356-2783 1100 Ingleside Avenue McLean, VA 22101 PeteSanders@cox.net Classic & Exotic Service, Inc. 248 362-0113 2032 Heide, Troy MI 48084 www.classicandexotic.com 1stSTOP Vintage Auto Parts designdreamer on ebay Wayne Elsworth is likely to have the part, but he will be in the Caribbean until June. 340 998-5199 Keep looking on ebay. I have seen them there on occasion. What model 1927 LaSalle do you have? I have a 1927 Roadster. Good Luck John Micciche
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