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  1. Does anyone have a phone no. for can't get it from web site. Seems like they only sell the bracket for the caliper not the caliper itself or the hoses, master,porportioning valve etc. Looking to keep one of the rivs 63-64 drum but want to change to dual master and porportioning value so need to find out about who might sell kits and if thats not possible which years would work if I have to get the stuff from a later model riv.,so far I've been told 1970 works. The other riv will be disc and I will still need to know about what caliper to buy,I think scarebird tells you at least that, which dual master, lines and porportioning value to get.Everythings got to be right and matched for the car. I remember when an auto parts store sold me the wrong dual master for my 65 Caddy and I almost got a Free Trip out the windsheild. I would much rather buy a complete kit than have to search for old junk.,but I'll do what I have to. Lynyrd
  2. Hello, I have had no luck on getting real solid info on disc conversion kits for most important 63-64, I was told 65 may be different. Any and all info would be greatly appreciated, thank you.