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  1. Unusual high quality find Starts and runs nicely Power Adjustable mechanical brakes Shocks Adjustable from drivers seat Price,,$ 85,000,,,Trades considerd (For more information) "Ask The Man Who Owns One" Cheers Ben 207-793-2800...... Calls are screened. Please speak clearly and leave your number twice 207-590-6903....... Lester's cell phone More Photos available
  2. http://stanleysteamers.com/phorum-5.1/read.php?1,10979 -just a handy cross reference
  3. Unusual high quality find Starts and runs nicely Power Adjustable mechanical brakes Shocks Adjustable from drivers seat Price,,$ 85,000,,,Trades considerd (For more information) "Ask The Man Who Owns One" Cheers Ben 207-793-2800...... Calls are screened. Please speak clearly and leave your number twice 207-590-6903....... Lester's cell phone More Photos available
  4. cben09

    1929 Packard woes

    My first car w/tags,,,,was a 633 7pass sedan like yours I drove it 27,000 miles,,most of which was when I was in high school It was a dependable ride,,, The vacuum tank is more trouble free than electric or engine pump and generally can be tinkerd on the road,,Somehow I think it will even work without the gaskets!! How is she now?? Have you made peace with it?? Cheers,,Ben in Maine
  5. 1929 Packard 633,,,7pass sedan,,,133"wb,,,My own car,,my own money Yes I started on a hill,,and made the required 3 point turn,, Sept 1951,,,Cheers,,Ben
  6. Would it be reasonable to anneal and re-temper the old springs,, Are the leafs badly worn??,,Cheers,,Ben
  7. Hi guys,,I'm back,,lo blood pressure,,an' almost threw a rod,,,,, There is a chance,,,small,,, that I may have gauges for this dash panel,,,so if needed,,contact me or post,,,,an i'll keep an eye out I had a series 36 in High School/w/ Judkins coupe trunk,not rumble Cheers,,Ben in Maine,,,Southern Maine,,
  8. Doesn't look broken,,,,,just very stickey valves,, all holding off the seats,,by gooey gumm,, Buy a reamer or small hone,,an' maybee practice on some junk head,,,I remember small spring hones for this job,,Ben
  9. Hi Kean,,,,,Ben in Maine here,, Just not sure if the 640 and 645 are the same,,I recall a 645 hood is about 3" taller than the 640,,,guesses how I found this out,,but at the time I was breaking a LeBaron limo[645] for parts,,,, Is there any hope of repair on yours,,,,At present i have no leads but,,,,,,,If i bump this up it may help,,,Cheers,,Ben
  10. Hi,,,How would you best describe this viberation,,,is it a shaking,,roughness or??? Can you get an idea of frequency?? If it is bad enough to pull down before investagating,,first thing I would check out would be to see the flywheel is mounted squarely,,,and has no run-out Is the clutch mounted yet,,,are all the pieces checked for balance,seperately and as an assembly,,,A small runout on flywheel would almost lift the engine off the frame Have only seen that once,,,was impressive,,!!! Next,,,has anyone weighed the con-rods,,pistons,wrist pins rings,,etc,,it all ads up,, Most of these old engines were not balenced,,and yes some shook more than others I had one Packard out of dozens ,,that was the smoothest of all,,proved they ALL could'a been that smooth,,,,Another had the universals off the mark,,shook awful Well maybbee this will get you started,,Things are always complicated til you find the problem,,Look for a wobbly f ' wheel,not missing lockwasher Good luck,,Ben
  11. Replace that sooty plug,,Ben
  12. I suspect the big 48 would be a handfull in that U turn,, Does anyone have a gigantic pr of top saddles for a 7pass one man top,,for a 48,,,It says right here in the handbook,,,,one man top,,,,, Cheers,,Ben
  13. Designed in the day of the Chrysler - Air Flow,,
  14. Model,,,Dynamic,,,Make,,,Panhard-Levassor,,,oldest auto co in the world,,,Production in 1891 was i think 375 cars of a V -2 cylender model w/hot tube ign, They were amongst the first to pioneer spark plugs an' hi tension coil,, Cheers,,Ben
  15. Hi,,Another test,,take off gasline to carby,, put chalkline on crank pulley crank over engine several revs,,COUNT EM How much gas was pumped Now take off pump and measure how much gas is pumped w/ MAX stroke on pump,,by hand,,, Camshaft at half speed,,try to get on engine pumping equal to hand pumping,,that is,,,the no of strokes Hand pumping will be long stroke on engine will reflect the warn cam,if thats problem Hope this is not too confusing,,,relax,,have a coffee whatever,,Cheers,,Ben
  16. I remember back in the day,,,,,adding braze to the pump arm to get enough stroke,,be careful it has enough travel and doesn't bottom out,, Wars and depressions will teach you lots,,,haha,,,Ben
  17. Hi Bud [or is it Budd] haha,,hope you can stand the humor,,still,, ,,,On the serious side I assume my engine to be the 60 Hp [by ALAM rating] there were minor diferences,cant recall for now I have ,,,somewhere,,,,a Pilot catalogue,,showing differences,, It is a single block casting,w/6 cylenders all the intake ports cast/cored in that casting,,masterpiece of patternaking!!! ! The block ads to the rigiddity of the crankcase,, It is a T head,,Like Pierce and others of that period the head is not removable,,the valve acess is through screw plugs and acess to springs is through door/covers on the side TEETOR nicely cast in,, THERE IS NO BRASS TAG,,,sorry,,but a few numbers here 'n there,, The cone clutch is a pleasure to use,,It is happy at 45mph,50s pushin it It is a big engine to start on the crank,,but it responds peacefully and behaves well,, In years past I have driven a 5n3/8xx5 1/2 American,,also a fun ride The bearings on both these engines are huge,, All for now,,,Ben
  18. Hi,,Can someone put a link to ''1913 Pilot" a vid I made of Pilot-Teetor details,,and a running car,, Showing startup details etc,,Cheers,,Ben
  19. When did Teetor become Teetor-Hartley,,,,I see no Hartley markings on my 4x6",,,,1913 engine ,, u/tube /google [ 1913 Pilot ] for a vid of car running,,,Cheers,,Ben
  20. Page Belting ,,Concord Nh,,supplies leather for all sorts of stuff since 1880 or earlier and some of their machinery dates to this,,!!!! They supply round belting too FRICTION [clutch] leather is tanned diferently, If they have supplied the leather,an' its too thick they can skive it to new thinner thickness,, I had no sample to go by and they adjusted the thickness three times,,,Nice people to do business with,,After they were sure I wasnt from osha,,I got a guided tour of the plant,,old and new Cheers,,Ben
  21. There is a tool common to motorcycle work,, called "impact driver",,,,'bout an inch diam 3/8 square on end for socket or screwdriver thingie one piece adapter perferd for stuborn jobs,, This tool is hit on end w/ hammar,,and it not only forces the screw driver tip into the screw head but also gives a twist same time,,they are really goood,,, Craftsman,S-K,,Snap-ON,,,,H K Porter makes most of 'em I think,,By now,,should be flea market item The hammar end gets beat up,,dont matter at all Grind it a bit,,,not a problem,,you can add 6" extension for difficult places That screw was probably over tightend when last worked on,,Hope this helps,,,,Ben
  22. Usually there is adjustment to pedal/clutch,,,if when backed off will relax the spring so that it is not daingerous,,, Well it was an idea,,,,Cheers,,Ben
  23. Rinse off the motor oil with gasoline,, Usual cautions apply In case of desparate slppage,,look for diatamatious earth at the drug store Worst case,,grind up some shop floor SPEEEDY DRY,,hammar on steel plate like mortar an pessil,sift out the corse Adjusted and tamed,,real nice clutch Silver-Ghost Rolls-Royce had a cone clutch 1907-1925,The big Pierce 1907-1920 also,,,Cheers,,Ben
  24. Use Neatsfoot oil,,,compatible with animal hide, Have you a Dykes encyclopedia? I think most ed'n got pages on cone clutches,, Block the pedal down and look with a strong light The lining is fastend w/rivits I think,, Pierce used shoe wood pegs!!! The usual problem over winter is sticking in engaged position,,so this is something different if you dont find Neetsfoot at hardware store,, try the hockey/baseball shop,,is used on the gloves,, Cheers,,Ben
  25. Didn't find it so i'm lirking,,Did my e//m get there I'll try again I'm more familiar w/pre 1932 cars than this computtr Anythin' that gets turned on by hittin the stop button is very pooorly designed,,i don t care,,, at least it uses the Remmington std keyboard,,Haaaah Cheers,,Ben,,,,Just think how much more you know about this car now,,,,smile
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