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  1. cben09

    1929 Packard woes

    My first car w/tags,,,,was a 633 7pass sedan like yours I drove it 27,000 miles,,most of which was when I was in high school It was a dependable ride,,, The vacuum tank is more trouble free than electric or engine pump and generally can be tinkerd on the road,,Somehow I think it will even work without the gaskets!! How is she now?? Have you made peace with it?? Cheers,,Ben in Maine
  2. Hi,,,How would you best describe this viberation,,,is it a shaking,,roughness or??? Can you get an idea of frequency?? If it is bad enough to pull down before investagating,,first thing I would check out would be to see the flywheel is mounted squarely,,,and has no run-out Is the clutch mounted yet,,,are all the pieces checked for balance,seperately and as an assembly,,,A small runout on flywheel would almost lift the engine off the frame Have only seen that once,,,was impressive,,!!! Next,,,has anyone weighed the con-rods,,pistons,wrist pins rings,,etc,,it all ads up,, Most of these old engi
  3. If they are an investment,to be sold later,,Might they open a collection/museum here,,and not take a chance on freight,, I know of a few cars that will never see the light of day again,, One is a really rare Stanley tiller steer Whole container ship went down no cheers this time,,,Ben
  4. First we need to establish how many 1cyl Caddy's Al had an' dont confuse the k Caddys with the K Fords Cheers,,Ben
  5. Sulley's "Button had a bent tube in the snake radiator where the car had come loose on the trailer,,and had struck the hitch pole,,,Only one tube was bent,,bent up in the middle,, I doubt it got fixed as it was not that obvious ,, I think Sulley's car also had the coffee grinder steering crank,, Cheers,,Ben
  6. Theres a bid at 100 bucks theres no offer at buy it now,,99bucks,,,there is a market,, more info to follow,,be patient,,Ben
  7. Were there any bids,,,I dont see bid history,,did it sell?,,Ben
  8. We used to meet on Wed nite at Larz Anderson,,and Ed was very much part of the crew,,,he lived only a few[2-?] mi from L-A,, I dont think a founder of AACA,,,,but a member no doubt,, He was one of the founders of VSCCA [Vintage Sports Car Club,,] There is a good article on restoration of the Reno' in the Bulb Horn as well as the Simplex,, I think the Reno got sold to W,H,Nichols,,,son of maker of Nichols milling machines,, W,H N sr also owned a 1907 Reno 2 pass runabout,,nice car,, I have driven the 07 as well as the Simplex,,but not the Reno tourer,, Cheers,,Ben
  9. Phil Dumka Carlisle Ma,,collected the complete unabridged history of Cadillac Probably more than 40' shelf space,,,I think he sold it to the company,,, Hope someone can shed light on this If I recall correctly,,,it even gave the # of the water pump and suplier ,, on 1cyl Caddys Good luck hunting,,,Ben
  10. My objection is that the lots change size [that is for how many lots are put together]]],,or groupd,as it were,,as the bidding is in PROGRESS,,not as the catalogue defines the lot,,,,,,Putting lots together is O-K,,BUT,,giving the bidder a choice of any number ,,one or all on a page,is impossible to follow,, Yes I have been to auctions that included the cows,cars,silo,contents of house and barn,,tractors,and the banks interest in the land,, Carl Amsleys auction in StThomas Pa was legendary as well Stanley steam cars and a lifetime of ,,,,everything,,,Mervin Hilpipper Cedar Rapids Iowa I thi
  11. Unfounded optimizm,,,BAH Humbug,,,,Ben
  12. Most modern engines are made for gear reduction etc,,, First engine to come to mind is a type 12 [?] American LaFrance, 6cyl ,,a common engine and someone available to fix it,, TheAhrens Fox is good but has a funney drive for the pump on front,, I saw a 1350cid Van Blerk a few years ago,,,Looked like a 48 Loco,,BIGGGGER tho,,Cheers,Ben
  13. Most of these really big engines have a compression release,,,,,ex valve stays open til about 11o'clock on compresson stroke,,,and they turn really easy,,,only the momentum of it all,heavy flywheel etc,, Cold oil would only be the problem,,Ben
  14. A 2 foot blade should not need all that much torque,,I had a 34" blade on the old Farmall regular,,a 1927 model,,,A McCormack P-300 unit should be overkill I think,,crank start,,magneto / no battery needed ,burns gas or kerosene,,,,Cheers Ben
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