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  1. Can the car be driven without it without damaging the car? Is it easily replaceable? Where would I go to find one?
  2. I have a friend that is thinking about buying a 31 Caddy, The owner says it missing the valley pan and bolts, What is the valley pan?
  3. How do I tell the difference between the two model cars? I looked at the Filling Station and didnt see either the water pump or the fuel pump. I found a water pump on Kanter but the photo doesn't look anything like the one on the car. Are these two parts no longer available?
  4. I'm afraid I missed out on the car. I guess I waited to long. Thank you for all the information.
  5. Im helping a friend with his 33 chevy. It has a inline 6 engine. Its a 4 door but I don't know what model it is. At the moment it needs a fuel pump and a water pump and hoses. Where can I find these parts?
  6. Problem solved, Scrapped the cheap gauge and went with Auto Gauge.
  7. Well, I tried everything, Even a differant battery and the damn thing went really nuts then. I unhooked it and tossed it in the garbage pail. After talking to the Auto Meter folks and telling them what I was doing they assured me there gauge would do the job, So got the new Auto Meter gauge on its way. Now that said I did order it off Amazon so if I do need to return it I can send it back with no questions asked, Even got it a couple of dollars lower through them for the same gauge. I will try and find the shielded wire and that Zener. Thanks everyone for the help.
  8. I'm trying to install a digital water temp gauge in my 1919 Model T. The gauge works fine as long as the car is not running but as soon as I start the car it goes black. I do have an alternator system. The gauge is silmer to a Cobalt brand but a cheaper brand.( Which I'm starting to think this is the problem) My voltage with the car off is 13.48. With the car running its 14.85. I've tried running the power straight from the battery and also off my fuse block. Iv run the ground from the battery and I then tried running the ground to the block. Thinking that the problem may have been electrical
  9. Looking for right hand door for 1983 Chevy Camaro Berlinetta
  10. I dont know about that brand but I use Rotella 15-40 in my Model T and my 41 Plymouth because of the high zinc content. It costs a little more but I've had no problem in the 10 years I've used it.
  11. Ok guys, I guess I'll stick with Hagerty. Iv been with them for 7 years and no complaints. A model T is also referred to a Tin Lizzy. Shes a great 97 year old car and takes me to point A and brings me back to point B 99% of the time without any problem. I've only ever had to have it towed once when the old cork float in the carb crapped out for this ethanol fuel we are forced to use. There was a couple of times during the ride I had to tell the rollback driver to slow down on the bumps as he was bouncing the car around kinda bad.
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