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  1. Thursday at 9pm I am starting a 10 day auction on EBAY for a Lincoln Zephyr V12 emblem in very good condition. The enamel is blue in color (original). I list under the ebay name "fishfarm" and have several 100 emblems to sell of 74 different makes from circa 1906 to 1942 if anyone is interested. My email is lupherm@yahoo.com.
  2. I need to sell several 100 emblems and other items from my late fathers collection. There are 74 US brands of emblems from 1906 to 1942 model cars and trucks. I posted the first few on EBAY this week under my name of " fishfarm ". If anyone would like to buy a particular emblem, email me at lupherm@yahoo.com or post on this thread and I will put it on next. This week I am selling 1942 Lincoln Zephyr, Durant, Star, and 1930 Chevy.
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