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  1. First, confirm the AAC limit for whichever "input" you're using, AC1/Grid or AC2/Gen. Alternately, set 'em both for 60 AAC, and then it won't matter which one you've selected.
  2. Great little car, i havnt seen one of these on the road since i was about 10, im now 25 ! nice to think at least 1 individual saves cars like these otherwise they'd end up extinct! 1975 Datsun Cherry 100A.
  3. Yes,Electric cars are our Future. As hybrid cars are becoming more and more popular, most of the major car manufacturers are focusing on the development of pure electric vehicles.Up until recently, electric cars were impractically slow and short-ranged, but new technical developments allow them to better serve consumer needs.
  4. Really a very beautiful Photos......... But The 1903 Krieger proves that there is nothing new under the sun. This car is a front wheel drive electric-gasoline hybrid car and has power steering. A gasoline engine supplements the battery pack. Between 1890 and 1910, there were many hybrid electric cars and four wheel drive electric cars. Electric cars were more expensive than gasoline cars and electrics were considered more reliable and safer. 1903 Krieger
  5. In 2008 Australia started producing its first commercial all-electric vehicle. Originally called the Blade Runner, its name was changed to Electron, and is already being exported to New Zealand. British Columbia is the only place where it is legal to drive a LSV electric car on public roads. ZAP is a leading distributor of affordable, efficient, 100% electric vehicles in the United States and has established a network of licensed automobile dealers throughout the United States and is planned for deliveries in late 2010.
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