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  1. Hello Duke, I have not found anything on the "non-vibrating coil." I'm not sure if it was made by Simms, Maxwell or a third party. Just the grainy picture in the parts catalog is all I have to identify the piece. A local antique car expert has told me that another coil from the same period would likely do the job. I have collected a few of these devices off eBay, but have yet to test them on the car. Progress has been slow lately, not finding much time to work on the car. If I should have success in the future, I'll let you know what I did to achieve it. Good luck with your Maxwell. .
  2. Hello, Getting ready to start my '16 Maxwell for the first time in 60 years! Everything is there except for the Ignition/Transformer Coil. Wondering if any of you Maxwell experts out there have any ideas what I can use in its place. Thanks in advance for your help, Mark C
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