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  1. For sale Straight 8s and 6s. Large to small. 1-small eight big 8 4 engines 1-1929 President engine 3-1931 President Engine Super 6-3 serial numbers below EK———-/ EK38561 EL52027 518-772-5514 packardapproved@yahoo.com
  2. 1917 Chalmers Parts Car For Sale frame front end rear end wheels motor transmission cowl hood 518-772-5514 packardapproved@yahoo.com
  3. 1929 Packard 640 Rollston Touring for sale Recent Barnfind Aluminum Rollston Coachbuilt Packard. History dating back to 1953. Single windscreen for the rear passenger on the passenger side of the car. One jump seat that positions out of the back of drivers seat. Clover style walk through front seats. Very rare and unique. Runs and drives $55,000 Call or email for more details 518-772-5514 packardapproved@yahoo.com
  4. 1927-1939 Packard Parts Our family has been involved with collecting and restoring Packards for 4 Generations. Call or Email us for your Packard Part needs 518-772-5514 or Packardapproved@yahoo.com Standard, Super and Twelve parts-bright work, sheet metal, engine components, engines, frame/components, radiators, wheels-wire and disc, plus etc. Original, restored and reproduction parts available. Reproduction wood available for 1927-1931 Roadster bodies
  5. Very unique Nil Melior Packard Stone Guard. Thought this would be neat to share photos with the group.
  6. 1929 Packard 6-40 Rollston Touring Barn Find. Here is a video of the car being pulled out of the garage. The picture of this car in black was posted on October 1953 in Motor Trend. Color was changed to white at some point. The body is aluminum. Front seating has a pass through. There is a windscreen that pulls out the back passenger seat, it is adjustable. The firewall data plate dealer name is PMCCO. New York dated 5-1-29. This is a very interesting car.
  7. 1930 Packard Standard Eight Engines and Engine Parts.
  8. 1936 Packard Twelve or Super 8 front fenders for sale
  9. Cleaning out the book shelves. I have these Packard Sale Brochures and Posters For Sale: 1935 Super 8, Standard 8 and 120 1931 8-26 and 8-33 1937 120 and 110 Please visit the link below if interested http://stores.ebay.com/vintageautopartsandliterature/ Thank you
  10. I am looking for a 1928 Packard battery box cover for a 5-33 Roadster.
  11. 1929 Packard Dietrich Coupe Very rare, unique and solid project. The wood has been replaced.
  12. Fully restored, well detailed and very sharp. Great show car that really stands out.
  13. Mecum Details-1936 Packard Twelve Boattail Speedster 904080 https://www.mecum.com/lots/CA0816-244544/1936-packard-twelve-gentlemans-tailback-speedster
  14. More details from Mecum on Dick's car. https://www.mecum.com/lots/CA0816-244544/1936-packard-twelve-gentlemans-tailback-speedster
  15. Below is a youtube slideshow of the Saunders creation "1936 Packard Twelve Boattail Speedster 904080" https://youtu.be/8wnLBrxmSbk
  16. Thank you for the feedback and questions on this controversial car. I am glad that Hoppy Decker and Father saved these documents. It really has helped provide history on Dick's Speedster. Many of us were happy to see the Hemmings blog this morning. It is going to be interesting to see what happens in Monterey. Below is a youtube slideshow of the Saunders creation "1936 Packard Twelve Boattail Speedster 904080" https://youtu.be/8wnLBrxmSbk
  17. These are the build pictures. Dick started with a 1936 Packard 1401 Roadster as the base.
  18. Dick Saunders passion to blend these parts together was just the right recipe. We are all amazed how the Dutch Darrin theory got spun into this car. Dick would be honored to know that a well known car designer gave blessings that Dicks Creation was built in Paris. Actually; for those who know Dick.....he was not a Paris Guy. Dick helped his Packard Freinds with their projects from his home in Rensselaer New York. His knowledge was very extensive because of his Packard Agency experience from Boston, Massachusetts to Albany, New York. The picture below is the start of Dick's Packard Speedster build in his back yard. I also included a picture of Dick's creation after Fran Roxas restored it. Both pictures are of the same car; pretty amazing!
  19. Below is a NYS registration from 1947 for a 1936 Packard 1407 Coupe. Dick pulled the Packard Twelve motor 904080 from this car to use in his Speedster creation. The "Saunders Special" as it was called sometimes has similar style to Alvan Macauley's 1932 Packard Boattail Speedster. He did create a real hybrid; not too bad for a home grown car from Rensselaer New York.
  20. Dick Saunders Creation is back on the auction block-Mecum Monterey 2016. It is being advertised by Mecum as (1936 Packard Twelve Boattail Speedster) 1936 Packard Twelve Gentleman's Tailback Speedster crediting Dutch Darrin as the coach builder. I remember this car when Dick owned it. The motor number for this car is 904080; I am glad to see that it still has the same motor that Dick put in this car back in the 50's. He had paired it with twin superchargers, he did love his power. Before Dick placed the Packard V-12 in this car, he had a Marmon V-16 motor with 1936 Packard chassis along with this 1929 Auburn body. He was a true pioneer when it came to Packard Hotrods. Dick would be pleased to see this car today; he was very proud of it. Attached are pictures of this car in different stages
  21. Dick Saunders 1936 Packard Twelve Boattail Speedster 904080 is going back out of the auction block-Mecum Monterey 2016. So far it is being represented as a Dutch Darrin coachwork. I not sure Dick was looking for the Darrin Coachwork label when he built this car? May be he was inspired by the Alvin Mccauley's 1932 Packard Boattail Speedster. I am sure Dick's car was much faster. I do hope the car is represented correctly-the "Saunders Special" just as he called it.
  22. Folks, Dick Saunders 1936 Packard Twelve Boattail Speedster 904080 is back out on the auction block. Mecum Monterey August 2016. Dick Saunders I am sure he is enjoying this next chapter of his "Saunders Special." As many have of you have heard, Dick was a Pioneer of Hotrod Packards. Many people got caught up in a flat head v8 while Dick was tinker with the Packard Twelves. Some of his V-12 creations were paired with twin superchargers; and even a couple of transmissions joined together.
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