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  1. Apparently there are some problems with accessing the Facebook photos. If anybody would prefer to receive all of the photos by email, please just drop me a line at dalbright.smith@yahoo.com and I will send them to you by reply email. Sorry for the inconvenience! I really thought that Facebook would work, but I'll gladly send an email instead to anybody who requests one. Thanks again, Donna
  2. Hi everyone, I finally managed to take some preliminary photos (93 pictures so far) of the DB parts that belonged to my Dad. I created a Facebook account for them - they are in a photo album within the Facebook profile. The links to the Facebook pages are in a thread I just posted in the Buy/Sell section of the forum. As you will read in the Buy/Sell post, I didn't get through all of the parts yet - I ran out of daylight before I could get everything out of storage, opened up, separated, photographed etc. But hopefully this will at least be a decent start... Please let me know if you have any problems accessing the Facebook photo albums. And thanks for looking! With warm regards, Donna Albright-Smith
  3. I finally had the chance to take some pictures (93 photos so far!) of some of the Dodge Brothers parts that had belonged to my Dad. I created a Facebook account to display the pictures of the parts, and will also be adding some more detailed pictures of the 1916 DB Touring as well. With reference to the parts, please note that I ran out of daylight before I could bring everything out for detailed pictures. Thus, some of the photos aren't nearly as detailed as others. For instance, there were two red storage containers - the kind with little pull out drawers/bins full of little pieces and parts. I only managed to bring out one of the two containers. It was getting dark by the time I got to the second container, so I simply took a picture of the labels on the little bins. Again, no idea as to whether the labels are accurate or not... There may be some parts and pieces to makes/models other than DB mixed in there too. My dad had several model T's (some of which my mother is currently selling), as well as other types of old cars. I'm just not familiar enough with any of them to discern which are truly DB parts and which go to other cars. Hopefully, anyone interested in buying parts will know the difference! There were also a lot of parts stacked together that I didn't have time to bring out separately, so I sort of just took "group" photos of those without even trying to remove them from the storage area. There are also a few items that I didn't get a chance to photograph at all. Further, there were some boxes that are still sealed that I wasn't sure I should open. I did take a few pictures of the outsides of some of the sealed-up boxes and tubes, but there are still a couple more that didn't get addressed yet. Where possible, I took photos of the labels on the boxes too - although I must confess that I have NO idea whether the description on the outside actually correlates with the contents of the box. This is the link to the Facebook pages where I posted the photos: www.facebook.com/?ref=home#/profile.php?v=photos&ref=profile&id=100000634195714 or you could try this one: www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2762&id=100000634195714&saved#/photos.php?id=100000634195714 (Gosh I hope those links work!) I'll be adding pictures of the DB Touring tonight as well - I'll put those in a separate "photo album" within the same Facebook account. If you have any problems accessing the Facebook page, please do not hesitate to let me know. My email: dalbright.smith@yahoo.com Cell phone: 814-571-4039 Thanks for your patience and understanding! And please let me know if you want more information on anything, or if you'd like to have better photos of any particular item. I'll try to get a more comprehensive set of part pictures and descriptions up in the near future, but hopefully this will be a decent start. Would be happy to sell as a lot or individually. Please note that one item depicted in the parts pix is spoken for - I have to check with the gentleman to verify which particular one he wants. The rest are totally available. Finally, please be assured that I don't expect all of these to have great value. I'm sure some of them are junk - my Dad couldn't bear to throw away anything relating to DB - but some of them do appear to be in good condition. I guess that is all for now! Thanks, Donna Albright-Smith
  4. Hello, I have just posted new photos and an update relative to the 1916 DB Touring and the various DB parts I have for sale. There are two posts (because I could not fit all of the photos in one post). Please let me know if you have any questions or if there is any further information you would like us to provide. Thank you, Donna and Michael Smith 814-571-4039
  5. Here are the other seven pictures we took this afternoon. Please note that we really need to complete a sale of this car within the next week or two. My husband and I are preparing to relocate in the immediate future. Thus, we have a very limited time frame in which to sell the car. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call me or my husband, Mike, at 814-571-4039. We will be up until midnight for the next few days, so don't be afraid to call us in the late evening. Again, we are planning to photograph and catalogue the Dodge Brothers parts that my Dad had compiled over this upcoming weekend. Weather permitting, we should be able to drive downstate and get that done on Saturday. We will then post the pictures and a list of the parts Saturday night or sometime on Sunday. Thanks, Donna Albright-Smith
  6. Hi, We finally managed to take some pictures of the interior of the 1916 Dodge Brothers Touring while it was still daylight this afternoon. I have attached ten of the pictures to this email, and will attach the other seven to another post after this one. We will be taking pictures of the various and miscellaneous DB parts sometime this weekend. I'm sorry about the delay on that - we have been out-of-town for the last two weeks, and haven't made it back before dark until today. Thanks, Donna
  7. Hi everybody, I wanted to give a quick update to everyone who has contacted me relative to the Dodge Brothers parts and my 1916 Dodge Brothers Touring. 1. The 1916 is still for sale. 2. I apologize for the delay in providing a list of the available parts. I have been out-of-town over the holidays due to unexpected family circumstances and was unable to compile the list as planned. However, I will be home this weekend and will have a complete list with as many details and photos as possible by early next week. I apologize for not getting back to everyone sooner. Thank you, Donna Albright-Smith
  8. Hi, I'm trying to reach the gentleman who used to be my father, Rich Albright's, mechanic and who called me a few weeks ago about my dad's 1916 Dodge Brothers Touring. I've lost his name and number. If anybody knows who this might be, please ask him to call me again at <?XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = SKYPE /><SKYPE:SPAN class=skype_v3_tb_injection id=softomate_v3_highlight_0 title=Call type=".flex" mode=".modern" skypeid="0" skypeaction="call" nof="" isfax="" freecall="" fwidth="" path="file://C:/DOCUME~1/Michael/LOCALS~1/Temp/__SkypeIEToolbar_Cache/e70d95847a8f5723cfca6b3fd9946506/static/" durex2="%DADDYHEIGHT%" durex="%DADDYWIDTH%" context="814-571-4039" +18145714039 Skype: with America of States United in number phone this><SKYPE:SPAN class=skype_v3_tb_nop id=skype_v3_tb_nop0></SKYPE:SPAN><SKYPE:SPAN class=skype_v3_tb_imgA_flex id=skype_v3_tb_droppart_0 title="Skype actions" style="BACKGROUND-IMAGE: url(file://C:/DOCUME~1/Michael/LOCALS~1/Temp/__SkypeIEToolbar_Cache/e70d95847a8f5723cfca6b3fd9946506/static/inactive_a.modern.flex.gif)" skypeid="0" skypeaction="drop" skypesms="1"><SKYPE:SPAN class=skype_v3_tb_imgFlag id=skype_v3_tb_img_f0 style="BACKGROUND-IMAGE: url(file://C:/DOCUME~1/Michael/LOCALS~1/Temp/__SkypeIEToolbar_Cache/e70d95847a8f5723cfca6b3fd9946506/static/famfamfam/US.gif)"></SKYPE:SPAN><SKYPE:SPAN class=skype_v3_tb_nop></SKYPE:SPAN></SKYPE:SPAN><SKYPE:SPAN class=skype_v3_tb_imgS id=skype_v3_tb_img_s0 style="BACKGROUND-IMAGE: url(file://C:/DOCUME~1/Michael/LOCALS~1/Temp/__SkypeIEToolbar_Cache/e70d95847a8f5723cfca6b3fd9946506/static/inactive_s.flex.modern.gif)"></SKYPE:SPAN><SKYPE:SPAN class=skype_v3_tb_injectionIn id=skype_v3_tb_text0 style="BACKGROUND-IMAGE: url(file://C:/DOCUME~1/Michael/LOCALS~1/Temp/__SkypeIEToolbar_Cache/e70d95847a8f5723cfca6b3fd9946506/static/inactive_m.modern.gif)"><SKYPE:SPAN class=skype_v3_tb_innerText id=skype_v3_tb_innerText0 style="BACKGROUND-IMAGE: url(file://C:/DOCUME~1/Michael/LOCALS~1/Temp/__SkypeIEToolbar_Cache/e70d95847a8f5723cfca6b3fd9946506/static/inactive_m.modern.gif)">814-571-4039 </SKYPE:SPAN></SKYPE:SPAN><SKYPE:SPAN class=skype_v3_tb_imgR id=skype_v3_tb_img_r0 style="BACKGROUND-IMAGE: url(file://C:/DOCUME~1/Michael/LOCALS~1/Temp/__SkypeIEToolbar_Cache/e70d95847a8f5723cfca6b3fd9946506/static/inactive_r.modern.gif)"><SKYPE:SPAN class=skype_v3_tb_nop></SKYPE:SPAN></SKYPE:SPAN></SKYPE:SPAN><SKYPE:SPAN class=skype_v3_tb_injection_print id=softomate_v3_print_0 context="">814-571-4039</SKYPE:SPAN>. Thank you, Donna Albright-Smith<!-- google_ad_section_end -->
  9. Hi, I'm trying to reach the gentleman who used to be my father, Rich Albright's, mechanic and who called me a few weeks ago about my dad's 1916 Dodge Brothers Touring. I've lost his name and number. If anybody knows who this might be, please ask him to call me again at 814-571-4039. Thank you, Donna Albright-Smith
  10. A local dealer has suggested that I ask somewhere in the low-to-mid 20's for it. I've been offered $18,000 so far, but am hoping to get a little more than that. Would be open to offers though...
  11. Hi, I have all sorts of Dodge Brothers parts that I inherited from my father, who was a Dodge Brothers enthusiast. Would be happy to see if I've got anything that would be useful to you. Please feel welcome to email me at dalbright.smith@yahoo.com, or call (814) 571-4039. Thanks, Donna
  12. I truly appreciate the kind thoughts and warm responses. I hesitate to even acknowledge the individual who posted the criticism of Dodge Brothers enthusiasts, but I do want to express my gratitude for everyone else's support. I'm still looking for a good home for the 1916. Please feel welcome to call or write if interested. Thanks again, Donna
  13. Hi, I have many different spare parts for early Dodge Brothers cars. They belonged to my father, who was an avid collector. To be perfectly honest, I'm not sure exactly what we have but there are several boxes in storage. If you'd like more information, please feel welcome to call me at (914) 571-4039. With warm regards, Donna Albright-Smith
  14. My father was an avid AACA member with several beautiful cars, including the 1916 Dodge Brothers Touring Car that I'm in the process of selling. The 1916 is in excellent condition and doesn't really need repairs of any kind. My dad did, however, stockpile several boxes of spare parts for it and other early Dodge Brothers models. To be honest, I'm not sure what all is there, but would be happy to make them available for viewing or to look for something in particular. Please feel welcome to call me at (814) 571-4039 for further information. Thank you, Donna Albright-Smith