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  1. Hi Guys, there are SAAB paintings by me available at Ebay, have a look if you feel interest! Exclusive SAAB 99 Turbo Rally Car Painting by Roy Chui Original Only One ! | eBay Exclusive SAAB 900 Turbo Rally Car Painting by Roy Chui Original Only One ! | eBay SAAB ART Page: Saab Art | Saab Wallpapers
  2. Hi My Friends, I would like to share my new Saab woodcut print here. Available at: Saab Art | Saab Wallpapers SAAB 96 Rally Car My stamps for SAAB art prints
  3. Hi Robinson, thanks so much for your good words, that's really encouraging! I like Alfa Romeo 2000GT, it was my dream car when I was a kid... Almost impossible to see one in Hong Kong nowadays.
  4. Hi My Friends, I've just uploaded the May calendar wallpapers. One is 96 Rally & the other one with 900/9000. Hope you'll like them. Ready for download. Thanks for watching again!! Saab May 2010 Calendar: Saab Art
  5. Oh! Thank you very much!! I like you Bugatti too! It must be very very very expensive, I've never seen a real one in my life, only in my dreams! :eek:
  6. Wow Bob! beautiful car! would you please post a photo of it if you got one? Thanks a lot!
  7. Hi My Friends, Just want to let you know that a newly designed Saab Wallpaper plus an E-card will be available for download from my website on or before every Monday, so, keep an eye on my "Wallpaper of the Week" page, may be you'll find something interested again! Thanks for watching. Best wishes to your Save Saab Convoy or what ever action you are taking to help saving SAAB!! Saab Art
  8. Hi! Saab Lovers, Here are some Saab wallpapers with 2010 monthly calendar created by myself. This time, newer models are included besides the classic ones. If you visit my Saab Art page regularly, you'll find new "calendar wallpapers" available before the beginning of each month. I hope these artworks will bring you joy & enlighten your desktop everyday & every month! Enjoy!! Your comments are always welcome. MERRY X'MAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU!! :cool: Download page: Saab Art My site: http://www.classiccarprint.com
  9. Hi Greg, Thanks for your good words! I like your car art too! They are great! Roy
  10. Hi! Vankila, Thanks for your good words! I do love classic Volvo & I like the Volvo photos that you post, I've never seen a real or 544 before, beautiful & interesting car!! Thanks!
  11. Hi, I'm new here, my favourite mini cars are Isetta models like 250, 300, 600. I haven't seen an Isetta in hong Kong for many years. I remembered I saw some when I was a small kid. I guess it's impossible to find one here nowadays... I decided to make some Isetta wallpapers so I can see those lovely cars everyday, I have already finished some & would like to share with you... If you're looking for something to decorate your desktop, do have a look at my "BMW Art" page, you can find some Isetta there, Enjoy!! :cool: Isetta & other Classic BMW wallpaper: BMW Art
  12. Hi My Friends, X'mas time is coming, I think it's a good time to contribute something special to the Saab lovers' community. So I decided to make some Saab related artworks with X'mas & New Year theme. I've finished some X'mas wallpapers & e-cards, I would like to share them with you, they are ready for download. There are also other Saab wallpapers available. You can find them in the "Saab Art" page of my website. I hope you'll enjoy having them! Do send this link to other Saab lovers if you think they'll also be interested. Wishing Saab a bright future!! Merry Christmas!! X'mas wallpapers & e-cards download page: Saab Art For other car wallpapers, pls. visit my site: http://www.classiccarprint.com
  13. I'm a classic BMW fan in Hong Kong, BMW 2002tii & 3.0CSi were my dream cars when I was a kid. I like creating car wallpapers. Lately, I've been making some on classic BMW like 2002tii, 3.0SCL, 507, Turbo(1972), Isetta & more. I would like to share with the BMW fans in other parts of the world. Do have a look at my "BMW Art" page if you are also a fan of those old BMW & looking for somethings nice to decorate your desktop. Free download! BMW Wallpapers: BMW Art My Site: Welcome to www.classiccarprint.com!
  14. Hi Everyone, My name is Roy Chui & I'm from Hong Kong. I am a fanatic of classic cars especially those produced in 1950s-1970s, I like modern cars too but not as much as the classic ones, may be because I'm an "old guy"! My father also liked cars, he always discussed about cars with me when I was a small kid. I started to read car magazines when I was in primary school. Lately, I've been working on some woodcut prints on the topic of "classic cars", I've already finished a few which are some of the models that my father always talked about like Classic Mini Cooper, Alfa Romeo 2000GT & Ford Capri MKI, there are more to come. I've also developed a website about my works, also there are some classic cars wallpapers for free download, all created by myself. I would like to share my artworks with you, do have a look if you're interested. http://www.classiccarprint.com Thanks for watching! :cool: Classic Mini Cooper, Woodcut Print, Size: A4 Alfa Romeo 2000GT, Woodcut Print, Size: A4 Ford Capri MKI, Woodcut Print, Size: A4