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  1. Hello, We are restoring a 1929 Chrysler Model 75.... We are primarily needing engine and transmission parts at this time. Please call to discuss what you have.... Here is a link to the restoration progress 1929 Chrysler Restoration Progress-Dan and Jerry Lynch - Classic Garage Thank You, Brad Enders 208-755-3334
  2. Hello, I am located in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.....asking $16,500.00 obo..... Thanks, Brad 208-755-3334
  3. 1939 Packard, 4-door, Touring,Sedan, 8-cyl…. Correct Blue Exterior Color with One Older Repaint Showing its Age with Some Dings, Scratches, and Peeling (In aGood Way)….. Original Interior with The Exception of the Seat Covers (the seat surrounds, headliner, door panels, rear carpet, front mat, trim and dash are original)….. The Engine Compartment is in Original Condition with Original Paint…. The Trunk Compartment is in Original Condition, with What Looks to Be an Original Tire and Tube…. Original Packard Oil Change Log Sticker Still Stuck to the Driver’s Side Door Jamb….. Great Old Packard in UN Restored Original Condition………………… Runs and Drives Nice…. Packard Motor Car Company – ID Plate Information: Vehicle Number: 1292-I00I4 Delivered By: Packard-Evanston City: Blank Date: 4-25-39 Body Dash#: <499560> Thank You, Brad 208-755-3334 www.classicgaragellc.wordpress.com classicgarage@me.com
  4. Mobile Work Station-Air Filtration System. Model #5410 purchased new from Shop-Pro Equipment. 2 years old and in very good condition. Extra filters included. Please call 208-755-3334 for additional information. Asking $9,000.00 obo Thank You. www.classicgaragellc.wordpress.com Revised Price and Posted a Picture Below.... Thank You, Brad 208-755-3334
  5. Hello, We are looking for front and rear bumpers and brackets for a 1965 Ford Econoline Pickup. Thanks, Brad www.classicgaragellc.wordpress.com
  6. Hello, We are doing a body off restoration on a 1953 Buick Roadmaster Conv. What color should the inner wheel well/fenders be painted? Body Color? Thank You, Brad 208-755-3334 www.classicgaragellc.wordpress.com
  7. We just scheduled Car Shipping | Car Carriers | 888-614-SHIP | Vehicle Transporters to pickup our 1962 Corvette in Maryland and deliver to us in Idaho. Had good service and resonable rates... Thanks, Brad Classic Garage
  8. Hello, What color should the Dynaflow transmission be painted on a 1953 Buick Roadmaster??? Thank You, Brad www.classicgaragellc.wordpress.com
  9. Need help decoding the engine stamp on our Buick "Nailhead" engine Engine Stamp Number: V 1094197 Decode=_____________ Thank You, Brad www.classicgaragellc.wordpress.com
  10. Set of two original Buick Skylark Kelsey Hayes wire wheels. One is date coded 1952 and the other is date coded 1953. Size 15x6.5. Both are needing restoration. Please call or email for additional information. Thanks, Brad 208-755-3334 Jim 208-661-2877 http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=250558092595&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT Thanks, www.classicgaragellc.wordpress.com
  11. Hi Al, Thank You. I corrected my original post. I had a typo. Our trim is 73T Thanks, Brad Classic Garage
  12. We are wanting to confirm the codes and numbers on our 1953 Buick Roadmaster Convertible. The numbers are as follows: Number Stamped on Frame: 26925721 Decode=____________ We are missing our body VIN tag that is located on the left door sill pillar. What part of the frame stamp number is part of the VIN Tag. Engine Stamp Number: V 1094197 Decode=_____________ Body Number Plate: 1953 MOD 53-76C Decode = 1953 Roadmaster Convertible Style No. 53-4767X Decode = 1953 Convertible Body No. G 1187 Decode =__________ Trim No. 73T Decode = Red Leather Paint No. 61 BD Decode = Osage Cream Top 2 Decode = Tan ACC P Decode = ___________ Thank You, www.classicgaragellc.wordpress.com
  13. Looking for someone to restore our gauges on our 1953 Buick Roadmaster. Thank You, Brad www.classicgaragellc.wordpress.com
  14. Question - 1953 Buick Roadmaster Convertible: We are currently doing a complete body off restoration. What is the correct wheel and size? Plan on using the wire hubcap. We have a combination of wheels and are wanting to know what is correct. Any pictures would be great. Thanks, Brad www.classicgaragellc.wordpress.com
  15. Great looking 58 Buick Limited...good luck.. Brad Classic Garage
  16. We just got started on restoring our 1953 Buick Roadmaster Convertible... still a lot of great cars out there needing to be restored... Brad Classic Garage
  17. Hello, Could you please email some pictures.... Thanks, Brad email: classicgarage@mac.com Classic Garage
  18. Hi Mike, Could you send some pictures of your Wildcat... Thanks, Brad email: classicgarage@mac.com Classic Garage
  19. Hello, I'm still interested in your wheelcovers...We are currently restoring a 1953 Buick Roadmaster Convertible. Could you please email me additional pictures. My email is classicgarage@mac.com Thanks, Brad 208-755-3334
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