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  1. bump....still for sale. Make me a reasonable offer.
  2. Just the auto timing advance has been removed. So now to advance the timing i have to pull a knob in the cab. It was like that when i got it.
  3. still for sale! i had tons of interest last year when i wasnt wanting to sell.....what happened to that?
  4. We have a '28 buick master 6 for sale. It runs and drives great. Has 52515 miles on it. Wood wheels are cracking but i have a nice set that just need to be swapped out. The car just sits in the garage. Mice have torn around a 6-8" hole in the fabric in the back by the seat. Other than that the car is in great shape. I had a valve job done to the head last year and put a new head gasket and new head bolts in it. I built a new cooling pipe for it as well. I got it with a rochester carb on it, some of that original intake has been removed and the auto distributor cap has been removed for some reason. Has electric fuel pump and new exhaust on it. No rust on the car aside from the old cast engine block. We would like to get around $15k for it. Please pm me with questions. The car is in Kansas. Thanks
  5. thanks. i was just reposting on this thread i started so the guys that seemed interested would know its for sale.
  6. Im bringing this thread back to life......I think we are interested in selling the Buick. Any takers?
  7. haha, well guys when i decide what i am going to do with it ill be sure to post it on here
  8. I'm interested in seeing what my '28 buick master six is worth. It runs and drives very nice. I have done a lot of work to it over the last year. No rust. Thanks
  9. Thanks a lot guys i got it working. Once i hooked the battery wire up to the ammeter the cutout started letting power through it. Thanks Again Everybody!
  10. Yes, the cutout is hooked up correctly. I have not hooked the loose wire into the ammeter yet. But there should still be power coming out of the bat side of the cutout i would think?
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